Sunday, January 5, 2020

I haven't blogged in quite some time because I've had a constant neck and back ache.  However, I was cleaning my computer today and came across this I wrote several years ago.  Hope there no offense.  It was written tongue in cheek.  I love this face on Jess.

           I hate kids.  There, I’ve said it.  Now deal with it!  I can’t stand being around them.  I don’t really want to look at their new pictures.  You have them.  So keep them to yourselves.  Mine are in college and almost no trouble at all, and I don’t look forward to being a Grandmother, thank you.

            When I go to a restaurant and they ask me, “Smoking or non-smoking?” I just say, “As long as there are no children, I don’t care.  Please excuse me but I get to go out to a restaurant maybe once a month and I don’t want to listen to some snotty nosed kid whine about wanting pop not milk or needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of your Porterhouse.

I especially don’t want to listen to you try to get the kid to eat what is in front of him when I had to watch you feed him crackers and cookies while waiting for your food.  I actually watched a mother feed her kid those little plastic tubs of jelly while waiting for breakfast one morning and then she couldn’t understand why he was bouncing off the walls instead of eating his eggs when they arrived.

Sure, when my girls were little I thought they were God’s gift to humanity.  I still think they have a lot of potential.  When they were babies, I nursed them and I didn’t get too far from them until they were weaned.    When they were toddlers I did not drag them to adult parties where people might have been drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes or telling jokes they didn’t need to hear.  They went to bed at 8:00 which is when I had my time to my husband and myself.  They sure as heck didn’t sleep in my bed.

I suppose I am from the old school.  I do believe kids should be seen and not heard at least until they have practiced their manners with their peers.  I have always felt that we were just renting our kids for a few years.  They are little people in training to become adults, on their own, away from me.  They go and have their lives and I get mine back.

Sure I miss my girls quite frequently but that does not mean I want to be entertained by your rugrats.  I have to admit that I do know several kids who are pretty well house broken.  They have good manners, don’t whine or pick their nose in public.  They are pretty fun to talk to and to kid around with.

On second thought, maybe I don’t hate kids.  Maybe I just hate bad parents.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

“Out of the strain of the doing, into the peace of done” – Julia Louise Woodruff.

A few years ago, I was attending a seminar.  I don’t remember what it was about or anything except we were asked by the moderator to list five things that described who we were.  I recall that my number one answer was “human being”.  I was totally shocked that of all the people in the room, I was the only one who thought of myself first, as a human being.

I remember pondering the situation later and decided that this was one of things wrong with society today—the fact that we don’t look into the face of each person we meet and see them as a human being first.  The fact that we don’t think of ourselves first as a human being still baffles me.

If we did think of ourselves in this manner, all bigotry could end.  There would be no racial problems, no religious problems, no gender problems.

I think we should start a new movement and it be a movement to become human beings.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Asked what my favorite possessions are, I have to admit that my living room furniture is one of my beloved possessions.  It took me months to talk the hubster into purchasing furniture.  Our living room had stood empty for over a year before I got him to go shopping.  All that was there were Boris’ dog toys and bones.  We called it Borrie, borrie land.

We made our way to the Ethan Allen furniture store in Dayton, Ohio.  I wanted to look around and determine what our style was.

I knew I wanted an oriental rug and he wanted Queen Anne style chairs and furniture.  We got a pretty good idea of what we wanted and ventured to a store that specialized in making furniture to your requests.

We settled on the chairs and couch.  The couch is low and a lovely green shade.  My favorite color is green.  The chairs were covered in this oriental style pattern that the woman I was working with warned me that the material “wouldn’t last.”

Next we got a rug in my next favorite color—teal blue.  I found a couple of oriental prints that had bamboo and birds and a bamboo frame.  I also found a couch table with glass in the top and the legs were bamboo style.

I went back to that Ethan Allen store and found this most wonderful metal dragon.  I got it for the hubster’s birthday because he was born in the year of the dragon.  That began his collection of dragon figurines.

About twenty-two years later I talked the hubster into recovering our beautiful chairs as the front was becoming bare.  They were covered in a strong celery material.  I was pleased.  I purchased three maroon oriental rugs and changed the look of the room.

My girls have kidded me over the years about my furniture staying things like, “we sold your green couch on E-bay.”  This while we were away on vacation.

And so, this furniture will have to make it until I die.  I just hope my girls can get good money out of the beautiful set of furniture.

My other favorite possession is my wok.  I purchased it one year when I decided I needed to learn to cook some oriental dishes.  Fried rice is a specialty of mine and helped us make it through some not too wealthy years.  I also had Mu Shu Pork at a restaurant and do make it well, if I say so myself.  I even fixed Mu Shu Pork for the school administration and teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.  In fact, I made it two years in a row.

That wok has had as many miles as my furniture and I am grateful that I spent the money on it.

Another favorite possession of mine is my garden and houseplants.  However, turning 68, I seem to be falling apart.  I may have my garden tilled up and grass planted this fall.  I just can’t seem to keep up with it anymore.  And my houseplants have suffered also.

Now my favorite possession is my health.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

What is my ideal of perfect happiness?

One of my favorite cartoons as a child was Peanuts.  I felt so sorry for poor pathetic Charlie Brown.  My favorite cartoon of him was when he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he answered, “Outrageously happy.”  I answered with that for years.  Now that I am older, I realize that happiness, outrageous or perfect, either one is not attainable.  Contentment and serenity are much more reasonable attainments.

My closest I ever come to perfect happiness is when I am in my garden and listening to my music.  The world travels very far away from me.  I am in my thoughts or singing along to a favorite song.  My hands are dirty, my body is sweating bullets and I am so very content.

Another time when I am very happy, or content is when I am at a gathering of my friends, family or my book club.  Just the closeness of those that I love the best around me gives me peace of mind.  I’m smiling now just thinking about it.

My most recent bout of happiness has come through a grandson.  Seeing my baby with her baby gives me an ecstatic feeling of joy and peace.  I never thought I would become a grandmother and am still just flabbergasted each time I see them together.

Meditation also gives me a lot of peace.  Just sitting and being quiet with my thoughts of breathing in the positive and breathing out the negative in my life.  My newest meditation is to breathe in health and breathe out pain and sickness.  I’m working on myself since medicine and physical therapy isn’t seeming to be working well for me.

I guess I have learned in my old age that perfect happiness is not a realistic endeavor.  Realistic is being content with what you have in the here and now.

Peace be with you.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Favorite Books

My very favorite book is Catcher in the Rye.  We studied it in my first year of college.  I laughed so hard reading this book the first time.  The second time I read it, after we had dissected it class, I cried my eyes out.  I have read this book so many times and have gone through three different copies.  I can pick this book up and turn to any page and enjoy the memory of reading this book the first time.

I have also read the Clan of the Cave Bear series several times.  I just love Ayla living in nature and discovering new things.  I watched the movie once, but it didn’t do it for me.  A book is so much more in-depth than a movie.  The last one in the series wasn’t a favorite for me.  Valley of the Horses is my very favorite in the series.

Janet Evanovich is another writer that I enjoy and can read over.  Stephanie Plum is a scream and her grandmother is a double scream.

I have a collection of thirty-eight Rex Stout novels.  Detective, Nero Wolfe, is an eccentric who has a boy Friday named, Archie Goodwin.  Archie writes the story from his perspective and he is a joy!  Some of these books have 35 cents as their price-tag.  That is how old these books are.  I have read them numerous times also.

I read one of the best books ever recently.  It is A Dangerous Road by Kris Nelscott.  It is about the Civil Rights movement, MLK Jr.’s death, and the Kennedy deaths.  Beautifully written, wonderful characters and such interesting history.
I highly recommend all of the above.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Peace of Mind

I have been asked what gives me peace of mind.  I used to find it daily when I was practicing my yoga every morning.  I had to give that up because I was waking the hubster and he would be so irritable. I need to move my yoga room downstairs, but I have been lazy.

When I meditate, I always pray for peace of mind, peace within and peace on Earth.

As I was in the garden yesterday, planting potatoes and onions, I realized that this is where I find peace of mind.  My back wasn’t hurting, and I was listening to my favorite Pandora station, a Steely Dan station.  I hummed along and even sang some of the songs as I gently placed each piece of potato seed---and onion into the soil.

Writing this, I had to check out Loggins and Messina’s song “Peace of Mind.”  If you haven’t seen the video check it out here.

The dolphins swimming and the clouds and the ocean are very peace giving.  He also mentions taking off your shoes.  That can really bring peace of mind as well as peace of the dawgs!

I believe the best peace of mind I have ever had was at the beach.  Any beach.  Shoes off, water lapping, refreshing beverage in hand.  I’ll take that any day.

One thing that really gives me peace of mind is knowing that my girls and their families are healthy, happy, working and have insurance.  My greatest pleasure in life was raising my girls.  They are responsible adults and I am so very proud of both of them.

Peace be with you.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

What is one of the most beautiful places you have seen?

Being a pantheist, almost every place I have been is beautiful to me.  I love the mountains, the desert, the oceans and my home.

I have to admit that when I first stepped into the Grand Canyon, I cried like a baby.  It was so overwhelmingly beautiful that I was beside myself.  I finally quit crying and took a good look through clear eyes. We went to a special meeting at night in a niche overlooking the canyon.  The tour guide had us sit in a circle and be quiet for quite some time.  It was almost like hearing the canyon breathing.  He told us a lot of history of the canyon and it was very interesting.

The first time I went to Jamaica I fell in love.  The water is so beautiful, the people are so lovely, the food is wonderful, and you can drink the water.  The land is not so lovely but the beaches are stupendous.

Niagara Falls is another place that is stunningly beautiful.  The sound of the water rushing over the cliffs is so enticing.  If you stand close enough you can feel the spray from the water.

I also love a Japanese garden.  Anderson Gardens in Rockford is so beautiful.  Just every corner you turn is another lovely scene.  I also enjoyed the Japanese garden that I visited in Arizona.

I had hoped to visit Japan sometime in my life, but I don’t think I could stand being on a plane for that long.  I also want to see Stonehenge someday and I think I could do that flight.  I would really love to visit the Netherlands and see the island where my ancestors came from.

The desert is a mystery to me.  I don’t understand why anyone would want to live where there is a lack of water.  It is very pretty and I love the cacti.

The most beautiful place I have ever seen is my home.  I love the view of the lake.  I love my garden and my herb garden.  There is no place like home.

Photo is Washington Island, Wisconsin.

Peace be with you.