Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pictures from when we were movie stars.

Garnet and me at the Swedish Pancake house.

Miles, Courtney and Garnet on the set.
In the "hall".

We are movie stars!

Tuesday, October 28

Picked up Garnet Smith at her house at 9:00 am.  We got to Eiger Lab at 9:13.  We weren't expected until 10:00 so we turned around and headed north to find a Gladys' home-made slop joint.  We didn't find Gladys but we did find the Swedish Pancake House.  It was very quaint with cute little Swedish looking knick knacks tucked around little niches in the room.  It also had a Last Supper picture and so I had to tell Garnet my Last Supper joke.  (Okay, if you haven't heard it -- What did Jesus say at the Last Supper?  If you want to be in the picture, sit on this side of the table.)

Garnet and I determined that we would get our picture taken under the Last Supper picture.  Darn it if a little old lady with a walker came in right after and took our table.  Garnet said it was okay because we would have had to stand on the table to get the Last Supper pic in our photo.

Garnet had an egg sandwich and I ordered two potato pancakes.  I had eaten mashed potatoes for breakfast already but they sounded good.

Oh and I forgot the hostess had on a kick ass wrap around dress and knee high boots and looked lovely.  We determined that we would tell her that she looked lovely before we left.

My potato pancakes arrived and did not look good at all.  In fact they looked a little blue.  I suspected that the cook had not washed the potatoes nor wrung them out before she cooked them.  They were soggy in the middle and not crispy like I prefer them.  I ate half and gave up the go.  (For those who do not know me, I eat anything and everything.)  Very seldom do I ascertain that a piece of food is not fit to go into my mouth.  I put my fork and knife in my plate along with my napkin and said I was finished.

My phone rang at about that time.  It was the Rockford Register Star wanting me to become a subscriber again.  (This will be another blog, I'm sure.)  I told them "no" and to take me off their calling list and hung up.  All this time the waitress had returned to ask me if I was finished or if I wanted a box.  I explained to her that I found them inedible and didn't want them.  She took them off the bill which Garnet picked up -- the little booger.  She got off easy.

My stupid phone rang again and it was the handsome Jeff Scaduto who we were to meet at Eiger Lab. He said we had plenty of time and to take our time.

Garnet and I got to Eiger Lab around 10 to 10:00.  Jeff was in the lobby and so was a very pretty blonde with a huge piece of purse/suitcase.  We were met by the director of the movie we were going to be extras in (that was a bad sentence) and he explained what was happening and what to expect.

We sat around for a while shooting the bull.  The director came out and got Garnet for a shoot scene.  She always gets picked...  Later he came back for the rest of us.  We met up with the photographer, light man, a frumpy little guy who I think was named Michael and a lovely lady named, Janet.  The director explained what he wanted us to do.  Stand in the hall talking and when we were cued because the boss had arrived, scoot off  to our respective cubicles.  Talk about wanting more of an actor!  We did this twice.

The third time the director thought to introduce us to the star of the movie, Miles.   Miles is a drop dead gorgeous blonde with a full beard. (Okay I admit it. I love a man with a beard.)  Janet confessed not only to be Miles' mom but that he was adopted and she couldn't take credit for the genes.  I thought this very odd.

So we did a pretty good take and were back down the hall to the lobby.  We had such a lovely time talking and exchanging little stories in our lives.  Janet told us all about going to Australia with Miles when he performed a comedy Breaking Bad routine for a big competition.  Courtney explained after I bluntly asked her if Miles was her boyfriend, that they were very good friends.

I had such a nice time I decided that I was coming back to the Eiger Lab every day from then on and just sitting around enjoying the entertainment.  A lady with blue hair in business attire came though the door just then.  And a guy with an eye patch came in after her.  It was just one thrill after another.

We were called back onto the movie set to do some more walking around the hall.  It was just thrilling.  We then broke for lunch.  The director said he was pretty much finished with us and Garnet and I decided to head out for lunch.  They had ordered pizza but I explained that we were eating vegetarian right now and besides at the Olympic Tavern down the street we could have a beer.  We old ladies like our beer.

The Olympic was the usual busy and odoriferous.  I almost ordered the potato skins but realized that I had potatoes for breakfast and brunch.  I got a small Caesar salad and French onion soup which was great.  It was very beefy though.

We got excellent service and I told Garnet that the waitress recognized us as movie stars and that was the reason.  Before we left I told the waitress that we were movie stars.  We all had a good laugh.

It was an excellent adventure with my adventurous friend.

Thank you for this day.