Monday, October 5, 2015

In my last blog I mentioned The Food Processor That Wouldn’t Die.  It is just the most fabulous kitchen aide there has ever been.

I first met this machine when I borrowed it from neighbor and friend, Diane, because I wanted to make cherry tomato spaghetti sauce and didn’t have a processor.  I used it one day and took it back to her.  I gave her some sauce to thank her.  The sauce used the entire cherry tomato.  We ate it but the seeds bother us now that we are older so I don’t make the sauce any longer.

I forget why I borrowed the processor the next time but I believe the third time I borrowed it Diane gave it to me.  She pointed out that it had a crack in the spindle and her husband had purchased her a new one.  It was now mine.  I think it has been at least ten years if not more that I have had old faithful.

I have grated zucchini, cheese, carrots, and potatoes.  I have spun sauces and pestos.  I could probably put some rocks in it and grate them up.  But I don’t want to push my luck.

A couple of years ago the spindle puked.  There was the nastiest black gunk ooze out of the crack.  I thought for sure that my precious food processor was done for.  But no – I cleaned it up with some soap and water and it was just fine.

I swear every time I take it out of the cupboard, I think to myself, “will this be the last time?”  I thought for sure those darn ginger snaps would do the thing in.  They weren’t hard eating them.  I don’t know why they were such hell to break up.

I am so very happy to have the Food Processor That Wouldn’t Die.  I don’t know what I would do without it.  (Probably go out and buy a new one.)


  1. The problem with food processors, is that once you have one? You never go back. The idea of *gasp* grating potatoes by HAND!?!!? becomes too much to contemplate. Thank the heavens they make these things durable, because I plan to keep using mine into my 80's.

  2. I still chop my cabbage for cole slaw. I just don't like either of my disks for slaw. And I grate cooked sweet potatoes by hand when I make Jessie dog's treats.