Thursday, February 23, 2017

All my favorite people are broken.  This is a song by Over the Rhine and I didn’t grasp the full meaning of it until lately.

Two of my friends are fighting a cancer battle, three have lost their husbands in the recent past, one is fighting her own inner turmoil, two have broken body parts, two are battling their thyroids, and one who broke her leg is finally riding her motorcycle again.

And I sit here and moan and cry and it does nothing.  Would you, if able, give a day of your own life to know your friend would live one more day?  Just to have one more day with them?  Would you give a week, a month, a year?  I think we all would, in a heartbeat.

I just want to emphasize that we must give to them in the here and now.  Give with your love and your time.  Go kayaking.  Go to the Conservatory.  Go walk in the forest.  Give them your time now and tell them that you love them and care.

Tomorrow I’ll still have my breasts, my husband beside me, a good shoulder and be able to walk on two legs.  Sure my shoulder hurts, but I’ve got everything I need.

Is this what old age is?  Watching your friends deteriorate?  I’m deteriorating but not quite as fast.  I can’t do anything but watch and cry and pray and give consolation,.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could give them a day of our lives for them to live happily and fully for one more day?

Peace be with you.

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