Friday, December 19, 2014

My kids have teased me for years about how I save the little scraps of soap that are left when the bar is almost finished.  I will be the first to admit that I am a cheapskate.  I have tried melting those things and making a new bar, turning them into liquid soap and even putting them into an onion bag to use after gardening to wash my hands.

I need to put it on the record that it is not I that refuses to use that little soap sliver.  I know why they (Proctor and Gamble) made the bar in that shape.  If you put the old on top of the new and wash as usual, after several washes the old becomes part of the new.  But the hubster refuses to do that.  Invariably, I find that little piece of soap laying aside from it's new protector bar.  Try as I may he will not use the little sliver.

So there, children.  The truth has been told.

But I admit to squeezing the toothpaste until all is out.  Use a bobby pin and that helps.

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