Sunday, November 30, 2014

I just went outside and knocked all the ice off the driveway.  I was wondering how many more winters I can stand this stupid cold.  It was pretty nice today 33 degrees.  I took the dog to the walking path in Durand and we walked the entire thing.  It felt good to be outside.  The dog enjoyed it too.  Got some groceries (having beef stroganoff tonight).  Rick's specialty.  He puts enough garlic in it to ward off colds for the winter.

I am trying to get in a festive mood.  I put my swag on the outside and put the girls old Flyer slide out with a big red bow.  I'm going to make a tree out of a tomato cage and put lights on it and put it on the porch.

I have all the gifts wrapped and the children's xmas stockings assembled.  I just need to get something for Rick.  Oh well!  I plan to start baking xmas cookies and making fudge to send to the kids also.

I made strawberry jam last week and will give that away to my friends and family.

I now need to type a xmas letter and get my cards going.  So much to do.  So glad to be retired.

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