Sunday, November 9, 2014

Aunt Nollie's sweater

A couple of weeks ago my sister wrote me that she had visited my aunt in the Alzheimer's nursing home and that she was wearing a think teeshirt and a towel.  She went to her room to find her some warm clothes and found none in her drawers nor her closet.  I decided to hit my local Goodwill and buy her a new sweatshirt.

I was thinking I should try to find her some of those labels you can sew into your clothes with her name on them.  I'd look on line.

I went to my local Good will and a bright pink sweater hoodie caught my eye.  I checked the label to see what size it was and it said, "Nollie".  Flabbergasted I bought the shirt without know what the price was.  My aunt's name is Nollie.  How often do you hear that name?  Never?  I know.

I just love Twilight Zone moments.

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