Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Finally got to do the Zumba adventure.  I went to Garnet's house yesterday and we did her Zumba CD.  What fun!

All the way to her house I kept telling myself that she would just sit back and watch me do Zumba.  She is so funny.  When we used to get together and play guitar she would just hold her guitar and not play.  She just watched.  I once talked her into playing a song for me.  She played "Over the Rainbow" and sang it.  It was wonderful.  I don't know whey she holds back.

When we used to ride our bikes around the lake (6 miles) she would get about halfway and tell me we had to turn back that she couldn't make it.  Then when we made it around she would say, "Let's do it again."  Needless to say I could just kill her.  (Not really, I love her so much.)

We walked for a while back a few years ago and she did the same thing.  She would want to sit down for a while or turn back.  And so I couldn't wait to Zumba with her.

We did 24 minutes of Zumba and I ended up with wet hair.  Sign of a good workout.   I took the front of the room and Garnet was in the back.  I cannot attest to the fact that she did 24 minutes also.  She is a sneaky one.  She has that advantage of having latin blood and I do not.  I kept the beat and really got into dancing.  It took me a while to catch on to a few of the moves.  Garnet has been doing this and knew all the moves (at least that is what she told me).  Next time I will face her.  No then I can't see the screen and the leader.

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