Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oscar’s Garden Fair

On Friday I gave my herb presentation at Oscar’s Garden Fair in Freeport, Il.  The Historical Society’s garden is quite lovely.  A beautiful old home surrounded by gardens of all kinds.  I actually volunteered to help the lady in charge of the herb garden to help her clean it up and get it ready for the growing season.  I’m excited about that.

My presentation was given to only seven attendees.  I was anxious about it because I had no audio visual aids except my herbs that I had cut yesterday.  I took a few herb books to put on display.

I only faltered once or twice but just took a deep breath and continued where I was in my notes.  My talk lasted about twenty minutes.  I had questions and comments from the audience and felt quite comfortable with the group.  I think I talked a few into trying to grow herbs and my recipes.

I walked through the grounds with an old friend, Margaret, who was my daughters’ teacher in elementary school.  She pointed out the butterfly garden that she had helped plant several years before.  Then she showed me where the herb garden was located.  It was badly in need of weeding and tending.  That’s when I decided to try to volunteer to help out with it.

I perused the vendor booths and found the loveliest fairy stepping stone for my fairy garden.  It was a steal for only $3.00.  I purchased an Abraham Lincoln tomato plant and some basket of gold or gold alyssum for my garden on the hill.  I had seen it growing over a block wall behind the house and thought it would be perfect to grow on my hill.

I had a nice chat with some of my Master Gardening friends and decided I was hungry.  I went into Freeport and ate some French Onion soup at the “This is It Café” downtown.  If you haven’t tried it, you should.

Another splendid day in the life of Smother.

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