Monday, May 30, 2016

The hubster and I were watching a movie recently and the daughter in the movie told her elderly father that she was going to make that Cha Cha Chicken that he liked so much.  I quickly wrote down “Cha Cha Chicken” as I had never heard of the dish.

I looked up the recipe on the internet and came up with some restaurant in California that serves Jamaican jerk kind of food.  Okay, cha cha chicken was getting me hooked.  I finally realized I was reading about a restaurant and not the recipe for the ccc.  I went back to my search and plussed the word “recipe”.

The first recipe I came across was from Campbell Soup Company and I quickly nixed that puppy.  I want real food not processed GMO crap, salt and chemicals, please!

I went to the next recipe but it was from something like and I went to the next and the next until I found a site I hadn’t heard of before called Recipe Lion.  I clicked that and truly fell in love with ccc.    I read another recipe at a different site and it added lime to the previous recipe.  The recipe calls for chicken, onion, pineapple, salsa, cilantro, freshly grated ginger root, lime and a couple of other things I don’t recall right now.  I’m making this for dinner tonight.

BTW have you noticed how many pop up things are going on with the internet right now and they are hiding the close button.  I got scammed into upgrading to Windows 10 because they made the little “x” at the top right an “okay” button.  I’m getting pretty fed up with these shenanigans, how about you?  I guess we will have to quit taking for granted and read this stuff.

Back to the ccc…I have half a pineapple in the fridge, new little cilantro growing in the herb garden, half jar of Pace Picante Sauce, and a lime in the fruit basket.  I do have to run into Durand and hope they have a fresh knob of ginger as I used all of mine this week making stir fry.

If you haven’t tried fresh ginger, you really should.  It is so much different from that grated stuff in the jar.  Just peel the knob and put it in an airtight container in your freezer.  Whenever you need some ginger just get out your micro plane grater and add some life to your recipe.  (BTW, meatloaf is really, really good when you add fresh grated ginger and green peppers.)

I thawed three boneless chicken breasts and gathered up the stuff for my dinner of Cha Cha Chicken.   Durand had ginger knobs and I was so relieved.  I chopped up a tablespoon of it.  The little cilantro plants in the garden were barely enough to do the recipe but I am sure after I fertilize tomorrow with fish emulsion, they will perk right up.

I made my rice and put my chicken together.  When the rice was cooked I put the chicken into the oven.  In about 15 minutes the aroma hit the room.  The hubster walked over to the oven and opened it.  “It smells pretty good,” he exclaimed.

Silly me, I forgot to take pictures of my lovely plated ccc but the hubster remembered and I took a photo of the bowl of ccc, my sort of eaten plate of ccc and then a really bad photo of his lovely plated plate.  Oh well.  It is a good recipe and I highly recommend it.

PS  I did add lime juice to the recipe as I feel most any recipe or dish is enhanced with a little citrus.  See I told you it was a really bad picture.

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