Sunday, June 12, 2016

I have sort of been out of commission for the past several days.  Friend, Charyl, and her hubster have decided they are selling everything and moving south and so they had a HUGE garage sale over the weekend.  Her planned helpers had bowed out and so Garnet and I made it over to help them out.  It turned out to be a good thing because they had large crowds at this sale.

One man purchased over $200 in stuff and came back the next day and bought more.  They really have a lot of “stuff”.  Not so much anymore as they sold a lot of it.

Charyl told me to pick out anything I wanted and just take it as my payment for working for her.  I took her rotisserie that I had wanted to borrow for a couple of years and never have.  I also took a plant stand for the solarium, two solar lamps shaped like mushrooms, the cutest little bunny ever and a few other odds and ends.

I had my eye on a bird cage and sure enough when I went to pick it up someone had snatched it right out of my reach and purchased it.

I saw lots of folks that I know and met a few very interesting folks too.  One woman is going to take my yarn off my hands.  I have decided I am never going to crochet or knit ever again and have got to rid myself of the rest of my yarn collection.

Charyl and the hubby bought our lunch each day which was so very nice and Garnet managed to find us a couple of beers to go with our lunch.  The weather was cooperating and it was sunny but there was a nice breeze.  We stayed on our toes for about eight hours the first day and about seven on the second day.  The second day it rained for a while and kept folks away.

Garnet and Charyl kept us entertained.  A little girl came up to Garnet and asked if she could use the restroom.  Garnet pointed to the tent and told her to just go under the table.  I was afraid she would scar the child for life.  I told Garnet to show them the restroom.

Two little kids were fingering a box of small toys and Charyl told them to fill a Crown Royal bag with them and it was only fifty cents.  They told her they didn’t have any money and she said just take it for free then.  The kids asked if this was her sale and she told them “no” and that she didn’t like the people that lived here and didn’t want them to make any money on this garage sale.

I got totally bored during a slump in traffic and weeded Charyl’s flower bed that was to the left of where I was stationed guarding the money box.  Charyl thanked me and talked me into taking this straw hat that was so gaudy it was unbelievable.  I brought it home and hung it in Daddy’s garden.  It looks okay but I think I may dump the pink flowers and ribbon and change it to a red, white and blue theme.

I went back on Sunday to thank Charyl and the hubster.  I took Charyl a bouquet of flowers and the hubster a jar of canned jalapeño peppers.

I redid the goofy hat and changed it to a red, white and blue theme.  What do you think?

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