Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Saturday we began our dog adventure by traveling to Huntley, Illinois to the Animal House Pet Shelter.  We were to meet Emily a part golden retriever.  We parked the car and entered the building and I was really turned off by the smell.  The cat house was right next to the office and the place reeked of cat urine.  Sorry, cat lovers, but the hubster and I are both allergic and the smell repulses both of us.  It was not a good first impression.

The girl at the desk told us the foster family had not arrived with Emily and so we took seats and sat until the hubster decided he had to have some fresh air.  I was just about to join him when a blue vehicle pulled up with a white looking dog in the back.  I just knew it was Emily.

I walked over to the door and the girl who was walking the dogs asked if I was there to see a dog and I told her we were meeting Emily and asked if she thought that was the dog in the aforementioned vehicle.  She said it was and I proceeded to ask her a bunch of questions.  “Does she walk well?  Is she a nice girl?”  She said only positive things about little Emily.

The hubster came back to the door and I walked out and said, “She is here.”  I pointed to the vehicle and a guy was letting the dog out of the car.  I walked over and introduced myself to Steve, the foster dad of Emily.

I was taken by how much she looked just like the photos we had seen of her.  She is mostly white with a few blotched markings over her body.  She has a dot on her forehead just like my little Jessie dog had.

I was slow to hold out my hand to her and Steve suggested that I squat down and talk to her.  He told us that she was afraid of most men and suspected that a man had once abused her.  The hubster was standoffish.  We went inside and visited for a bit and Steve suggested we go outside where we could get some fresh air and see how she behaved outside.

Steve said not to let her near other dogs as she was unsure of herself around them. She was very shy and stayed close to Steve.  I walked her around the grass area and then the hubster walked her a little.  We went to a fenced area to get to know her better and to play.
Steve left to let us be alone with her.  She stayed by the fence where he had left and kept looking for him the entire time.  The hubster tried to encounter her but she just moved away.  I tried to get her to play but she was only interested in Steve.

I told the hubster I was not sure about her and maybe we should go inside and ask about other dogs.  We did just that and told Steve we were not sure.  All the dogs we asked about were either shier than Emily or had been adopted previously.  I told the hubster that we should not let her go.  I really liked her and she was warming up to me.

Several volunteers came out to see Emily for she had been at a foster home for over two weeks but had lived at the shelter for several years.  The hubster filled out paper work and paid the fee for Emily.  All the volunteers loved on Emily and she was so sweet with all of them.  I knew we had made the right decision.

We exchanged collars and leashes and we bought a bag of dog food that she was accustomed to and off we went.  We had brought an old quilt which we spread on the back seat.  Emily jumped excitedly into the car and immediately went into the front seat.  I could feel the hubster cringe as she walked on his leather seat.

Steve said, “I believe she wants to ride shotgun.”

“Oh no she isn’t,” the hubster declared.  I climbed into the back seat and called her to me.  She came right back and I had her sit down on the quilt.  Off we went to take her home.

She rode in the car well.  She didn’t get sick, and I was so relieved.  At one point she crawled into my lap with her front paws.  I petted her during the whole trip and told her what a beauty was.

When we got home, I walked her around the yard to let her go potty.  She is not much of a pee maker.  A little squirt here and there.  We went into the house and I walked her around on her leash to show her her new home.

The first night was pretty scary but she slept in the bed between us and slept all night long.  We went on our first walk together after the rain stopped.  Jessie would never walk in the rain.  I called her “Princess Dry Paws.”  Emily had no problem with that at all.

We came across two little girls in the neighborhood who had come to visit Jessie when she was very ill.  They had brought her “get well” cards.  They dropped their bikes and came to pet Emmie.  Emmie allowed them to pet her a bit but I heard a distinct growl from her.  I told the girls it was enough and maybe next time she would be nice.  We were told she bit a child and that is why she was taken to the shelter.

I went to my Zumba class on Tuesday and when I got home Emmie came running to greet me and then ran to get Mr. Squeeky Toy.  My heart just melted.  She really liked me.

Emmie has taught me to play Frisbee.  I am the worst Frisbee thrower in the world.  I threw the first five into my garden.  Emmie jumped right over and got the thing and jumped right back out.  She can really jump high.  I must get a hula hoop.

Emmie is a good walking partner.  She walks at my side and only occasionally pulls forward.  She is a strange pottier.  She squirts out a little pee here and there.  She has only pooped while on our walks.  She must want to keep our yard clean.  I must remember to carry a plastic bag.

It is day four and she still is not warming to the hubster but he is feeding her now and hopefully, she will become his buddy too.

We are off to the vet today.  The vet’s name is Emily also.  I hope to get a good report and I pray that she is nice to the vet’s employees.

She sleeps at my feet while I computerize.

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