Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tuesday I had a very good adventure.  Friends, Garnet and Charyl, invited me to go have mani-pedis with them.  First of all, I had to ask what a mani-pedi was.  Since I was asking Garnet, I had no idea that she meant manicure and pedicures.  I tried to get Garnet to go with me for a pedicure two years ago and she told me she didn’t like having people mess with her feet.  I was flabbergasted that we were going for mani-pedis.

I drove to Charyl’s house and we rode together to Garnet’s where we picked her up and continued on our journey.  Our plans were to 1.) go get mani-pedis, 2.) go have lunch, 3.) stop at Farm and Fleet and get their license for their kayaks and 4.) go to Best Buy for a birthday gift for C’s hubster.

We arrived at a nail shop and I was surprised that we hadn’t made appointment, because the place doesn’t take appointments, and we got right in.  There was a lovely Vietnamese lady and two dudes.  I have never had a man give me a pedicure before and it was quite the adventure.  He didn’t really talk to me much but I filled his ear plenty.

Garnet had the other dude doing her toes.  She fell in love with the massage chair as well as the hot water bath for our feet.  I looked at her and told her, “you’ll probably be here every two weeks now!”  She sang to her guy while he did her toes.

I asked my guy if they were all family and Garnet’s dude told me yes they were.  I took this to mean my guy couldn’t speak much English.  I asked him if he had been doing this for very long.  He just looked at me.  I told him for an old broad I have really soft feet and he agreed???

They had started on Charyl first but finished last because the lady doing her feet was using this machete and scythe on her feet for a really long time.  I have to make Charyl some of my foot scrub.

Garnet is sensitive about her hands and feet but said she had been working on them for a while.  She has a wedding this weekend and wants to look splendid.  And she will, for I saw the blouse she is wearing and it kicks ass.  She got her nails done in a midnight blue and was going to have her fingernails just clear polish but we talked her into continuing the midnight blue theme.   They looked great.

We were sitting in the dryer light and talked about lunch.  I said Alvarez is just around the corner and both friends sighed.  We love the Alvarez.  And we can drink!  Enough said.  We hit the Alvarez and it wasn’t too busy for a Tuesday at 11:45ish.

I ordered my usual Pollo Hausteca.  (Not sure if I spelled it right but this dish is the best Mexican thing in the world.  If you like hot and spicy food, get it next time.) I ordered a Corona with lime and Garnet joined me.  Charyl had a margarita on the rocks.

Garnet sang along with the music and I told her how much I detested Mexican music.  I don’t mind the lovey dovey stuff but that mariachi stuff drives me to distraction.

We ate most of our salsa and ordered more and I asked for some of the green stuff.  Garnet gagged.  What, you don’t like hot stuff?  She tried it anyhow and complained for ten minutes.  I felt like going to get her a glass of milk.

We went to Farm and Fleet but the girls couldn’t get their licenses because Garnet’s is in her husband’s name and Charyl forgot her other card from last year.  Oh well.

We made it to Best Buy and I looked around at stuff.  They have a lot of stuff.  The washers and dryers are something else.  Mine are thirty years old and I need to upgrade someday.
We then went to the Hallmark shop for Father’s Day cards.  I cannot believe how expensive a greeting card is these days.  For only forty-two, ninety-five you can get a card that personally cleans your house.  Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be a great card?

We then went next door and visited I think the name of the store was Ross.  I am not a shopper but Garnet said they have cool stuff there.  I quickly got bored but ran into the director’s daughter of the movie that I played the Grandma.  Evidently, she is the manager there at Ross.  They had a line of trainees that were marching around the perimeter of the building.  Not sure what that was about.

I ended up sitting in a chair at the front of the store while the girls shopped.  It was people watching at its best.  One lady purchased about five blouses that looked very similar.  They were all black and white.  This seemed strange to me.

Another person left their wallet and a bunch of folks discussed who it belonged to.  They were pointing to a car in the parking lot and decided that must be who left it.  No one bothered to take it out to the car and offer it to him.  They supposed he would return for it.  How sad that was to me.  What if he lives in Wisconsin or something?  I’d be pissed that no one bothered to try and return it while I was still in the parking lot.

Charyl finished shopping and said she would go get the car and start the air conditioning.  I waiting about ten more minutes then I spied Garnet.  I made it to her and told her we were ready to go.  She didn’t buy anything.

I must say that each venture I make with these two girlfriends is so much fun.  They are funny and sarcastic and we find an adventure in everything we do together.

Oh, and I get to babysit Garnet’s dog, Duke, while she is at the wedding.  I’m so excited.

This Buddha was in the nail salon.  Isn't he wonderful?

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