Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last week I decided I wanted to bake an apple pie.  I purchased some Granny Smith apples from Currans Apple Orchard.  They use chemicals sparingly and I wanted a fresh, delicious pie.  The apples were not the prettiest but the flavor was devine.

I chose to make a two crust pie because I am really in it for the crust.  I made enough for a two crust 10 inch pie.  I used the recipe from my Betty Crocker cook book.  It called for sliced apples, flour, sugar and spices.  I added lemon juice as I sliced the apples to keep them from turning brown and to give it that little extra umph.  I also grated some fresh ginger root in the filling.

I put in my bottom crust and added my apples.  I remembered this time to dot the filling with butter.  (I sometimes forget.)  Then I rolled out my second crust and cut it with Grandma Faerber’s little wheel cutter.  It makes a jagged edge and is so pretty.

The pie came out lovely.  I put it in to bake and put aluminum foil around the edges so the edge would not brown so much.  I took off the foil for the last 15 minutes of baking.  I also turned down the temp from 425 degrees to 400 degrees.

I was pleased with the result.  The crust plumped up and was so lovely.  I had extra pie crust and made some little crackers with the dough.  Just a hint of salt and they were wonderful.  I put some of my caramel apple jam on the crusts and ate them while warm.
The hubster was pleased with is piece of pie which he topped with the caramel apple jam and some Brier’s vanilla ice cream.  Warmed!

I had lunch with the in-laws yesterday and took them a huge piece of the pie.  They were arguing over who got the biggest piece.  I love spoiling them.

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  1. I've been craving apple pie, too! I haven't made one because I have a long trip coming up, which will end in Thanksgiving, and will involve a lot of pie. BUT...I won't be able to bring home the leftovers! So pie will be baked when I get back from Turkey Day travels. Your pie looks absolutely picture perfect, like the kind of thing they put in cookbooks! I usually don't mess with lattice crusts, but you've inspired me, maybe I'll go for it next time.