Saturday, November 21, 2015

The reasons I don’t like snow.

1.    It prohibits my going outside comfortably.  I like being outside and I don’t like having to put all of those pieces of clothing on to go outside.  I have my thick socks, warm water proof pants that zip at the ankles, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie sweatshirt, scarf, the hubster’s old waders that we cut to boot height and my snow jacket that my good friend gave me when her mom bought a new one.  Gloves on hands, lotion on my face and a toboggan on my head and I am ready to go.  By the time I finish shoveling a path for the dog to go out and pee I am a complete sweat hog!

2.    It gets on my boots and I can’t get it off.  So the boots just sit there being cold and stay snowy until the next time I have to go out in it.

3.    Going to get the mail.  I usually drive the truck out to the mailbox and get the mail.  I know the neighbors think I am a lunatic but I hate number one above.  I can drive the truck in my jammies!

4.    Refilling the bird feeder is a pain.  The drifts are sometimes halfway up the side of the house.  I have to shovel a path to get out there and then the next time I have to go out the snow has drifted and I have to shovel it again.

5.    I have to put 210 pounds of sand in the back of my truck to get anywhere.  The truck is wonderful during the other months.  I can haul manure, weeds, yard waste and all kinds of good things.  But just let it snow an inch and the truck is all over the road.  Today we have eleven inches to contend with and it is still snowing.

6.    I can’t walk the dog.  My daughter got Jessie dog some boots but she won’t wear them.  The two times I forced her to wear them she walked like she had gum stuck to her feet.  Take a step, shake one back leg, another step, the other back leg shakes.  She lost one and I had to backtrack and so I don’t force her to wear them any longer.  (I have some leather dog boots for sale if anyone is interested.)

7.    We don’t grill much when it is snowy.  I have a foot of snow covering the grill right now.  And the hubster isn’t well enough to go out and shovel.  Sometimes you just crave a piece of barbecued chicken or a Jamaican jerked pork chop fresh from the grill.

8.    The hubster isn’t well enough to go out and shovel and so I have to.  Well I could just scoot the dog out the door and leave her to her instincts like he does.  But us girls like to have it nice when we potty.  She doesn’t like the snow on her little belly and private doggie area.  So I shovel a path by the garage so she can go out.  This is the little path I shoveled and it is almost covered already.  That is a pumpkin on the porch and you can see the composter in the background.

9.    The garden is covered and I still have food out there.  Just two days ago I had a salad from the garden.  The spinach and greens are beautiful and the sorrel is really nice (no thanks to the Satin possessed Japanese beetles.)  And I have the loveliest Brussel sprouts.  I should have cut some yesterday.

10. It brings Christmas, or Chanukah, or holiday or whatever.  I don’t really like the holidays.  I always have hated shopping.  I like to send cards and receive them and I love to bake the cookies.  I don’t like picking up all my stuff around the house to put out other stuff having to do with the holiday.  I like my house like it is with stuff that I like all the time.  I really gave up the holiday and all the brouhaha many years ago.  The girls were in high school and not very interested in helping me decorate and so I gave it up.  The hubster was really into killing a big ass tree and putting it in our two story solarium.  I prefer not killing trees even if they were planted and meant to be killed.  I prefer to celebrate the holiday in a more laid back style with lots of cookies and yummy food cooking in the oven.

And this year will be a wonderful holiday for me as I will be in Tuscon, Arizona with both of my girls and both of my son-in-laws.  The hubster is staying home with the dog.  I will be away from the snow and the hustle and bustle and will be in the sunshine where I am meant to be.

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