Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today has been an especially stressful day for me.  I moved my computer upstairs to my usual office.  I had some computer over-heating problems this summer as the upstairs is not air conditioned.  We tried several solutions but finally ended up moving my computer to the dining room which is the hubster’s office.

We did buy a little fan that I left on by my computer to keep it cool.  I have a HOT computer, what can I say.  Must be my blog!

I made a little diagram of the computer processor so I knew which plug went where.  I don’t know if it matters, that is just how I operate.  If you know me and I am not technologically adept.  I have two left hands when it comes to technology.  I really want a smart phone but am silently scared to death.  I don’t like change, like when Microsoft wants me to upgrade to ten and I can’t deal with that.

And so I cleaned my office area and swept the carpet.  I cleaned the keyboard of toast crumbs and the monitor of grapefruit squirts.  I hooked everything up and turned it on.  Oh my, it works.  I am a goddess of technology!

Before I did all of this I checked my email and FB to see if anyone wanted me to write a book or article and to see if the Starbucks cup thing had been settled.  (Just kidding.)  I saw where daughter, Addi, had posted an url to the podcast that she had done with her friends, Z.D. Gladstone and Camela regarding The X Files.  And so I spent a good forty minutes listening to the girls yap about the paranormal and other magical stuff.

I hadn’t noticed before but Addi and Z.D. have similar inflection in their vocalization.  I did confuse them at times.  People have accused Addi of having my horrible southern, Buckeye accent when she was younger but college changed that a bit.  She sounds more like Z.D. now.

Anyhow, I decided I needed to comment to the girls about the podcast since I am also an X-Files fan.  I wrote them a long letter commenting on the various discussions during the podcast.  Silly me, being the word processor that I am, did not save the goofy letter.  As I am printing two copies of the letter, the electricity went out.  I spoke several not to be repeated bad words.

The electricity came back on and my wonderful computer asked if I wished to retrieve the document not titled and I did so.  Well it had saved it for me but the last half of the letter was gone.  And it was such a wonderful letter.  I printed it as is, kicking myself in my mind’s eye.
Lesson learned—save,save,save!

If you want to listen to the podcast you can find it here:

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  1. Yeay podcast listeners! :-) Make sure you check out this weeks episode--it's about FOOD!