Friday, July 8, 2016

I had my monthly Master Gardener’s Book Club meeting yesterday.  I felt like the kid going to school for a test knowing he hasn’t studied.  I waited too late to order the book and I didn’t read it.  We were supposed to read Down the Garden Path by Beverly Nichols.  Beverly is a man and famous journalist who has written dozens of books about gardening.

It had rained and was still sprinkling and so we had our meeting at the shelter house at Krape Park in Freeport, Illinois.  If you haven’t been to Krape Park you must go.  They have duck boat rides, a carousel, miniature golf and a huge playground.  It is lovely.

I didn’t recognize the group at first because Shirlee is growing her hair out and had it pulled into a bun thingy.  Her hair is quite white and you can see her from a mile away.  She and Shey were already there and chatting.  The rest of the group arrived one by one and we ate our lunch and shared some cheese chunks I had brought and some mini-doughnuts that Jill brought.  Yes, I ate the cheese and ignored the doughnuts.

We began our discussion of the book and I apologized that I had not read it but I had done some research on the book, the author and had read one passage from the book.  I also had two favorite quotes, so I was still in the game.

This group of ladies is so much fun.  They are all so very smart and witty.  We digress occasionally (often, in fact) and talk about just everything.  We learned about Door County and how it contributed to the making of Lake Michigan.  We learned what encompasses a savannah.  (Grassy area with few trees.)  We learned that there are three types of dandelions.  And we learned a little bit about female anatomy.  (Don’t ask.)

As usual I took my camera with me and got a group photo.  I climbed upon the picnic table to take the photo.  If you know me you know I hate it when people sit on picnic tables, because we don’t want our food to taste like their butt; let alone climb onto one with their dirty shoes.  Oh well, I don’t know the people who will eat here next but their food is going to taste like my dirty shoes.

Next month’s book is Go Native – Gardening with Native Plants and Flowers in the Lower Midwest.  I must order it today.

I forgot to mention that while sitting there in Krape Park I got two mosquito bites.  No one else was touched.  They just love me, what can I say?  Anyhow the one on my arm swelled up into about an inch circle.  When I got home I made a paste of Aldolph’s Meat Tenderizer and water and rubbed the bites until they stung.  This morning, no mosquito bite is evident.  It really works, believe me.  My middle name should have been mosquito food.

PS.  I lightened this photo up but it didn't take.  Sometimes I hate technology!

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