Saturday, July 9, 2016

Today I worked at the extension office’s information table at the Freeport Garden Tour.  It was pretty slow but we talked to a bunch of gardeners and I even met a lady who wanted to go into the Master Gardener Program.  Another recruitee for my extension office!

I paid my $10.00 and got my ticket after my two hour tour of volunteerism.  Off I went to discover new local gardens.  The first garden I hit was at the local Catholic school.  The garden was a shambles and filled with weeds.  I could hardly contain myself and had to pull a couple of ragweed, as I hate them.  I realized that the garden is maintained by the students and since school was out for the summer the weeds had taken over.

I ran into a Master Gardening buddy of mine and we chatted for a bit.  I saw some dill growing and asked if I could buy one.  She told me just to take it. I brought it home and cut it up and put it into the dehydrator.  The house smells of dill.

The next garden I went to was a Master Gardener’s garden and I purchased a plant, Scabiosa, for my west garden.  I haven’t put it in yet.  Maybe tomorrow I will do that.  John’s Garden was wonderful.  He had a whole yard full of flower beds and vegetables.  His tomato plants were taller than me.  He had a whole field of zinnias which are one of my favorites.

The next garden was on a back street and was a recycling garden.   They had all kinds of beautiful structures that they had put together from recycled materials such as plates, old garden hoses, the tops of two liter bottles, old wooden chairs and other such items.  A lot of the things were for sale.  There wasn’t much of a garden but I got a couple of ideas for my own gardens.  We also got a free sack lunch which was a smashed fake turkey and fake cheese sandwich, some chips, a pickle slice and a cookie.  It was pretty lame but I ate it anyhow.  Got to get my preservative fix for the day.

The next garden was also pretty lame.  They had a bunch of raised beds that they hadn’t really filled in very well.  I think I identified one plant as a zucchini and I believe that is what is growing in my compost bin.  Prepare to get some zucchini if you are a friend of mine.

This garden did have bunny pens and I visited the rabbits.  I just love rabbits but am allergic and can’t own one.

I decided I had seen enough gardens since I had already seen the next one on the list, and the last one was in Forreston and I was going the opposite direction.

I traveled to Davis and checked out a farm on Best Road that sells fresh eggs and grass fed beef.  I bought a dozen eggs for $3.00 and got the info about the beef.  I am so glad to find someone close to me to get these things.  It is only about four miles away from my place.

I got home around 1:30 and Emmie dog was certainly glad to see me.  We played with Mr. Squeaky for a bit and then went out to garden for a while.  She is really a good dog.  She stays close to me while I weed and hoe.  I think she is a keeper.

After visiting four gardens today I came home thinking that my yard and garden weren’t all that bad after all.  I do plan to spiffy up the west side of the house.  Daughter, Jess, planted a white pine when she was in third grade and I plan to put hostas around it.  I got four started this spring and hope to get four more started next year.  I just need to get up some weeds.  I also noticed that there are numerous tomato plants growing out there.  I doubt they will produce anything but I’m letting them grow anyhow.

The vegetable garden is growing nicely.  I replanted snow peas (wishful thinking) and some beets and lettuces.  I have green beans and wax beans coming in now.  Last night we had jalapeno poppers made fresh from the peppers in the garden.  I now have to go out to pick red raspberries.  Life is good!

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