Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life with the new dog is going well.  Each day she surprises me with her cute antics.  Yesterday I had to go to the grocery store.  When I got home Emily met me at the door with one of my house shoes in her mouth.  Her foster father emailed me to find out how she was doing and he said she normally took one of his shoes to bed with her.  Not to chew on but to lie with.

She has brought me one of my shoes several times.  She even picked up one of the hubster’s croks but he admonished her for it.  I think he should have let her have it and maybe she would take to him easier.  She still cringes when he comes near, although he has petted her several times.

I’ve already started nicknaming her.  I have this thing about nicknames and apply them frequently to those around me.  I have called her Emmie Dot Spotty Spot.  She has little brown spots all over her little body.  And she has the big dot on her head like my little Jessie had.

I have been calling her Emmie most of the time.  I do the motherly thing and call her Emily if she is being naughty, which she really isn’t naughty -- like if she wants to play tug with Mr. Squeaky Toy instead of retrieving it or if she doesn’t want to let go of the Frisbee.  The Frisbee has a hole in the center and if she gets it just right it is hard to get it out of her mouth.  I just say, “Emily, drop it,” and she does.

Funny thing about her is that she hasn’t pooped in her own yard.  She only poops when we go on walks.  We have been able to walk twice a day so far except for one morning when it rained.  I walked her in the yard a bit but she didn’t go.  She held it until it was dry later.

So I am using two poop bags a day.  Each week amounts to fourteen bags.  I feel environmentally guilty.  We did order eco-friendly dog poop bags.  I’m not sure how biodegradable they are.

After she poops and I tie up the bag, I put it in the pocket of my shorts.  Then I start singing in my head, “I’ve got a pocket full of dog poop,” to the tune of I’m Getting Married in the Morning.  So far the lyrics go:  I’ve got a pocket full of dog poop, I’ve got the best dog in the world.  We walk together, in all kinds of weather, but I have to carry the dog poop home.  Needless to say, I’m driving myself nuts with this brain worm.

I am also referring to her as Emily Dickenwoof.  I thought of Emmie Lou Bark Bark but that didn’t get it.  I’m sure I will come up with more nicknames as we progress in our mommy, doggie daughter relationship.

The cutest thing she does is she wants to hug me.  When I sit down to put on my shoes she raises one paw to me knee.  Then slowly brings the other one up.  Then she climbs up to my shoulders.  It is so sweet!

I feel the hubster is getting anxious with her.  He is the one who chose her and she doesn’t want much to do with him.  I know it is eating away at him.  He is feeding her and giving her any treats that she gets.  I told him we should make some bacon and he carry it around in his pocket.  Hell, I’d let him pet me with bacon in his pocket.

Yesterday was hot as Hades and so I was a little laid back.  I decided to finish reading the book I was on as I had only a few pages to go.  I lay down in bed and Emily jumped up at my feet.  The hubster decided to read also and came to bed.  I told Emmie she could come up closer between us and she came right up to the headboard and lay between us.  I finished my book and decided to doze, and she snuggled up and spooned with me.

Life with the new dog is ever changing but we are getting down to our little routine.  Walk in the morning, pick up poop and carry it home.  Breakfast from Dad and try to let him pet her.  Outside for some Frisbee or fetch the ball, back inside for a little brushing.  (I think she likes to be brushed.) Play Mr. Squeaky Toy a couple of times and then walk again at 4 or 4:30.  Then dinner from dad and some treats to try and learn how to sit, lay down and shake.  She is doing quite well and every day she brings us a new surprise.

What can I say?  I adore her.

Oh and I got my first cucumbers.  Isn't that one white?  It was still delicious.

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