Thursday, August 4, 2016

This is a big shout out to Garrison Keilor who stole my idea of retirement adventures.  I listened in the other day when he was interviewed about his retirement and he said he was looking forward to retirement adventures.  Great minds think alike?

My latest adventures are not some I would have liked to have had.  First I had a cold for over a week.  The sinus problems have stayed with me and it is now in my fourth week.  I have gone through two boxes of tissues and two boxes of Musinex.  I am now thinking I am allergic to my new dog.  I certainly hope that is not the case.

Why doesn’t someone invent a device that you can attach to your nose or the back of your throat and suck that shit out?  In this day and age we should not have to suffer from honkers.  I hate it when people do that huffing thing and suck the snot out of their sinuses and then spit it or, worse yet, swallow that stuff.  I have to leave the room when I get a good one out because I think it is disgusting.  Snot is disgusting!

My other retirement adventure was the death of a neighbor and a friend.  Sudden deaths are sometimes just the worst.  The shock for the family has to be so intense.  I’ve always said I hope I go in my sleep.

I did go to the funeral and it was a Catholic mass which lasted an hour and a half.  The best part of the service was when the priest asked everyone to turn to the person next to them and wish “peace be with you.”  I loved that.  Strangers in front of me and behind me wished me peace.  I have to adopt that.  I wished the deceased “Peace be with you” as his casket passed by me.

This morning on my walk I wished peace to be with every house that I knew the occupant.  Dear reader, Peace be with you.

Photo is of the volunteer squash plant that came up in my compost.  It is a pie pumpkin plant and I am going to have plenty if anyone is interested in a pie pumpkin.  If you have never used fresh pumpkin you will be surprised at how much flavor it has.

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