Sunday, August 7, 2016

This weekend’s retirement adventure has to do with vegetables.  My garden is just overflowing with wonderful fresh veggies.  We have had stuffed green peppers twice so far and we are having them again tonight.  The first I stuffed with rice, Italian sausage and cheeses, the second I made with smoked sausage and dirty rice.  Tonight’s peppers are going to be stuffed with chorizo and dirty rice.  This is a new recipe for me and I am not sure how it will go over.

Yesterday the weather was a little cooler and I canned tomatoes that I had been saving all week.  I try to avoid canning when it is 90 degrees outside.  I don’t want the humidity in the house.

I estimated that I would get about five quarts of tomatoes but I got six quarts.  I use them all winter for chili, soup and Chicken Cacciatori.  For my next batch of tomatoes I will make marinara sauce.

My cucumbers gave me a surprise this year.  One of the seeds I planted is producing white cucumbers.  Not white, white, but really light green white.  I have been told that there are white cucumbers out there but have never tried to grow them.  I have had this same packet of seeds for years.  (Don’t believe seed companies that try to sell you a new packet every year.  A lot of seeds last much longer.)  I am going to save some seeds from my white cucumbers and try and see if they do the same thing next year.

Emily dot spotty spot has a new love.  I found Jessie dog’s dog puppet that she used to play with and Emmie carries it around with her.  I have already had to sew him up once.

Emmie is coming along.  She met her first doggie friend the other day and I hope to introduce her to more dogs and see if she will calm down when we see other dogs on our walks.

Emmie still hasn’t taken to the hubster but she has let him pet her when lying in bed.  He is just dying to love on her.  She is soft as a rabbit and sweet as honey.  She is under the computer table as I type.  It is one of her favorite places.

Peace be with you.

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