Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hi.  My name is Emily.  I spent most of the first five years of my life in an animal shelter in Huntley, Illinois.

This past June a nice lady and a not so approachable man, came and adopted me from the shelter.  My mommy is so good to me.  I am getting use to “Da”, as he feeds me and gives me treats.

I have learned how to sit, shake, high five, lay down, paws up and am working on sitting up.  I do “come” on command as well.

I like to play squeaky toy and my da has gotten me several new ones.  My favorite is a long neck bird that my mommy’s friend sent for me.  It used to have birdie sounds but I think I managed to kill it as two batteries have fallen out of it.  I still love to chew on it.

I have a whole basket full of toys and balls.  And for Christmas this year, I had my own stocking and in it was the first real bone I have ever had.  My mommy bakes these treats that I just love.  They have pumpkin and sweet potato, bacon and peanut butter.  They are so good.  Mommy is so good. She also buys me Blue Buffalo treats flavored like duck which I dearly love.

Mommy calls me these silly names like Emily Barkandshed, and Emilylou Scratch and Sniff. And Emmie honey.

 Mommy and I haven’t been out walking for some time. It has been pretty cold for the past week.  Before that we walked twice every day.  Sometimes Mommy takes me to the campground where she takes off my leash and I get to run and run.

Mommy even made a quilt just for me.  It is so warm and now covered in dog hair. (I mean magical fibers of joy.)

Da bought a furinator for me.  It is a special brush for dogs with an undercoat.  I get brushed a couple times a week with it and Mommy is threatening to make a sweater out of it for me.  She’s so funny!

I am so happy to have a home and a Mommy.  I wish all the dogs in the shelter could get such a wonderful home as I have.  And the kitties too!

Appreciate what you have folks. Things could always be a lot worse.

PS from Mommy,  I started my newest quilt yesterday.

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