Sunday, January 29, 2017

This week has been a lazy time for me again.  January is just not my best month.  I have managed to do Zumba in the basement several times and have broken my diet twice.

I discovered taco filled green peppers this summer and put up a bunch of them.  I broke down and cooked them for dinner one night.  A couple of nights after I had forsaken taco salad for a Bocca burger taco salad.  Don’t try it.  It doesn’t work.   And the hubster had used all the taco seasoning for his burger.

Friend, Garnet, and I had an excursion on Friday.  We went to the India House Restaurant in Rockford for their buffet. We had been there before and she really enjoyed the food.  She isn’t one for trying anything new usually.

We ordered the house beer which I can’t recall the name of.  Our waiter suggested we share a bottle and we poo pooed him.  He explained that it was quite a large bottle and it was.  We shared a bottle. It wasn’t bad at all.

 I had my favorite Chicken Tikki Masala and several other wonderful items.  She hailed the eggplant dish as being the very best thing she had tried.  I went back and sniffed and it didn’t wow me but I took a spoonful and put it on the lovely citron rice.  It was delicious.  Tasted much better than it smelled.  It was called Baingar Barte.

After our lunch, we went to Nicholas Conservatory where the Orchid Show was starting the next day.  I figured there would be less people the day before the show and it was great.  No elementary class of kids wandering around and running.  Just a few folks here and there.  The orchids were just being put out for display but it was still quite a display.

Garnet and I did selfies and took photos of each other.  My camera’s battery decided to quit on me so I used my cell phone.  I have got to learn more about this phone as it does take really good photos.

Another one of the reasons for my bummer of a month is that I am having issued with technology.  It all started when Microsoft tricked me into upgrading to Windows 10.  My computer just goes off line for no apparent reason.

When the hubster asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told him, “A new computer.”  We I got my wish and I am still not very happy.  I hate change especially technological change.  The entire computer looks different and acts different.  I couldn’t even put my camera’s photos on the computer.  It seems as if Google doesn’t support Picasa which is the software I used to store my photos.  I finally found them on Google Photos but it is so DIFFERENT.  I just hope I can find a photo for this blog.

I connected my phone to my computer this morning to download the photos of the orchids.  The computer told me it found no new photos on my phone.  Is it me?

I have this magnetic body thing.  I can’t wear a watch because they just up and quit on me.  I think the computer hates me too.  And the phone hates me.  I’m surprised that my clock radio works next to the bed.

The other thing going with me right now is my latest quilt.  It is made of old blue jeans and the sewing by hand is tough.  My right thumb has a callous and I have holes in my leather thimble.

Garnet and I went to Michael’s in Rockford to see if I could get a new thimble but they didn’t have any except for those metal ones.  They hurt my finger because my stupid finger is so big and they are so little.

I have only one more square to complete my quilt.  It is actually a table runner which will cover my dining room table.  The hubster works at home and the dining room is his office.  He is trashing the table and so I want to cover it and try to save what remains.

I wasn't able to get a photo for the blog so you will just have to use your imagination.

Peace be with you.

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