Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I have always been a creature of habit but in retirement, I think I am loosening up a bit.  I try to get up by 5 am to do my yoga, stretching, Pilate's and sitting Zazen routine.  I usually take from 20 to 40 minutes depending how into it I am.  Some days I’d rather go back to bed for “just one more dream”.  Other days I believe I have found nirvana.

If I stay up I open up my computer and see if I have been offered to publish as yet.  I haven’t won the lottery either.  Probably for the same reason.

I then check Facebook and see what my girls and my friends have been doing since the last time I looked.  Have you ever noticed that I usually”like” stuff or comment?  I just always have something to say.  Or do I just want to get in the last word?  Take your pick.

I get myself some breakfast.  I try to stick to fruit but the leftovers call my name.  I had two ribs, baked beans and cole slaw for breakfast this morning, as I had for dinner last night.  What can I say?  I like warm food for breakfast.

I have to do the daily crossword puzzle on line and then sometimes I also do the USA Today crossword.  I like puzzles.  I have jigsaws on my computer and when I take breaks during the day I like to do one.  Or at least set it up.  I like the puzzles with millions of pieces.  The more intricate, the better.  I did have one puzzle that I gave up on.  It was entirely the same color and the pieces were shaped weird.  I blew that puppy away.
I don’t usually eat lunch but I like some fruit.  And a couple of glasses of water.  I really do like water and ours is just delicious.

Outside is where I go next.  I have a huge vegetable garden, a small herb garden and several flower beds that I take care of.  My schedule is going to change here in a few short weeks.  When it is hot I like to do my gardening early in the morning.  I may just take up yoga at noon, outside and near the beach.  Sounds like a plan.

Around 3:30 to 4:30 I go downstairs and do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.  My friend, Garnet, gave me a Zumba dvd for Christmas and I find it very fun,  I also have an old Jane Fonda aerobics VCR tape that I enjoy doing.  I also have a “Jamaica me sweat” VCR tape that is so fun I find I smile through most of it.  I think I am a better Jamaican dancer than Latino dancer.

And if you didn’t know before, I am one of those people who dance like no one is looking.  I enjoy dancing and I could really care less if anyone wanted to look at my chubby butt bouncing around the floor.  Life is short.  Dance!

In my two year almost retirement I have come down to this.  I enjoy it.  I take days off once in a while.  I have many adventures.  I have been a movie star, a master gardener, world traveler, hot air balloonist, rock star, scuba diver and mother of two of the best ever.  Life is good.

Sam, Eric van Est and Addi.  This is the balloon that we crewed with.  Summerset Balloons if you are interested in getting a ride.

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  1. Hi! Just to let you know I was here! btw, COULD care less means you actually COULD care less, perhaps if you tried harder, whereas, COULDN'T care less means you just could NOT care less, even if your hair was on fire, in which case you really would care. About your hair, that is. SAL