Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I thought I had lost my favorite sports bra.  I looked in my underwear drawer, I looked in the laundry basket, and I looked in the laundry.  My heart was broken.  It is one of those bras that are made out of double thick material.  It doesn’t ride up and it doesn’t really allow your jelly beans to show through.  (That’s hard nipples to those who don’t understand.)  My hubster usually says, “Your headlights are on.”  I prefer to call them jelly beans or belly jeans whichever comes out of my mouth first.

I get a Jockey catalog once in a while and they had this sports bra on sale for $20. Or some low price.  I ordered it and was surprised.  Other than being grey and purple it had little pads to cover your jelly beans.  I love it!  It is comfortable and quite supportive.  I may just have to get another.

The funny part about the new grey and purple bra is that when I wash it the little jelly bean pads swim around and change places.  Once I thought I had lost one but it had scooted over to the other side and joined the other one.  How cute!  The more I wear the sports bra, the more I find I am adjusting the little jelly bean pads.  I may just have to baste them into place.

I read an article recently that said if you wear an underwire bra it was killing you.  I have to wear an underwire bra or I’d be picking my boobs up off the floor. I guess these folks against underwire bras (FAUB) believe that metal against your skin is bad for you.  Then Levis had better quit putting those rivets in their jeans.

I once had a bra that was so very annoying.  I came home from a long day’s work pulled it off through my arm holes, threw it on the floor and commenced to jump up and down on it.  My girls were doing homework at the table and laughed at me.  “Just you wait until you have large American breasts!  You will hate stupid bras too.”

And so, back to the original sports bra.  I was just in the basement putting in some clothes to wash and there, hanging in plain sight, was my favorite sports bra.  These senior moments keep happening more and more.

At least I found it.  And no, I’m not posting my photo wearing it!  

Jessie dog went to the groomer last week.  Can you believe this fru fru ribbon bow they put on her.  She was so embarrassed.  At least she didn't have to wear a bra!


  1. I get emotionally involved with my bras. Good ones earn deep loyalty from me, whereas bad ones I merely endure with a sour attitude, and the minute I think they're ready to toss I am happily rid of them. At the moment, one of my favorites is starting to fall apart, which is causing me real pangs of grief. The cups are still in great shape, but the elastic around the middle is worn out so now it's too loose, and the underwires (I like to live dangerously) won't stay in place. I may try to get out my sewing box and fiddle with it later this afternoon...I certainly can't make it worse.

  2. Get the info from the label and surf the internet. Maybe you can find a replacement. Thanks for reading.