Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Battle of the Weeds

I think it was last Thursday since I had been in my garden to weed.  It has been raining every day since then.  With all that rain the weeds have gone amok.  However, I noticed right away that my tomatoes had too.  Even my little heirloom tomatoes that a couple of people gave me are growing nicely.

Of course I took before and after photos.  I began on the right side and worked my way left since that was where I left off last Thursday.  My favorite weeds to pull are those little fluffy ones that fan out.  I just grab them and twist and out they come.  Love that sound of weeds dying.  (I am so not a Buddhist.)

I couldn’t believe how much Purslane had grown in such a few days.  I learned a few years back that you can eat the stuff.  Of course, when I tried to cultivate it, it didn’t grow worth a darn. It has some kind of fatty acids that are extremely good for you.  I ate some, dirt and all, while I killed it.

I pulled a few milkweed out of the garden itself.  I let the ones in the raspberry patch grow for my monarchs.  They are gonna love me this summer.  I grow killer milkweed.

Jessie dog decided she needed to be outside near her mom, and so she was barking at the mowers in the lot next door.  She finally shut up but I noticed she was eating the Alpaca poop again and stopped to put her inside.

I started thinking that I should hire one of those homeless guys who will work for food.  I surely have a bunch of food in my garden that I would share for some weeding hands.

I was finally settling into my weeding Zen when another guy started mowing in the neighborhood.  I took another break and went for my iPod.  I was surprised with Metallica and Enter Sandman.  I was really getting on my Weed Warrior thang.

The weeds that really annoy me are the ones that grow right next to my little onions.  You have to get in close and try not to dislodge the onion.  Quack weed is the worst for this as they have very long roots and if you get a hold of a good one it strings out forever.  I persevered.  Victory was at hand.

I took another little break to drink some water and recharge the iPod.  IPod, I do love you so much.  You play all my favorite songs.  I had Steely Dan, Yes, Sting, Jimmie Buffet, and I was in weeding heaven.

I had taken off my sunglasses to wipe the sweat from my forehead and looked up into the sun.  Damnation!  I was getting a migraine.  I decided to tough it out and as the sparkling got worse and worse I knew I had to go inside.  I took three Advil and went and sat in the spare bathroom that doesn’t have a window.  I sat for several minutes with a cold wash cloth on the back of my neck.  Sure enough, it helped.  I had made it through a migraine in less than 15 minutes.  They are usually much longer.

Sparkles gone from my eyes I donned the iPod and went back to it.  I was hoping that Metallica wouldn’t blast me away.  The Evenly Brothers came on and lolled me into serenity.  Thanks, I needed that.  I enjoyed a couple of Over the Rhine songs and then did start singing to an Eagles song that I love.  (Yes, I do sing in my garden.)  When a good song comes on I just pop one ear bud and sing right along.  To heck with the neighbors, they are mowing anyhow.

I made it out to the strawberry patch and began weeding and picking strawberries.  It has rained so much and I hadn’t picked in several days.  The strawberries were almost all ruined.  Some had insect or slug bites out of them and others were rotting on the vine.  I kept thinking that I was smelling beer and realized that it was the rotting fruit fermenting.  Yuck!  I buried them under some flowers.

The kind hubster brought me a jug of cold iced water.  How thoughtful of him.  I took another break and pulled weeds from the raspberry patch.  There were honeybees and other kinds of bees just swarming all over them.  I had to be careful since I am allergic to bee stings.
A little bird came by and gave me heck for being in the berry patch.  He was probably looking for a treat. 

The herb garden was next and I made it through that in no time at all.  I had to trim the golden oregano from the border.  I grew it many years ago but discovered that it is quite invasive.  My yard all around the herb garden is entirely golden oregano.  When it is mowed it smells divine.

Daddy’s garden was next and I trimmed away more of the day lilies so you can see the garden.  I got rid of all weeds and trimmed the edge.  It is looking pretty nice.  I got the weeds out of the day lilies and was pretty satisfied with myself.

The hubster came out and said I should think of quitting for the day since I was looking quite red.  I had put on number 15 sunscreen but thought maybe five hours in the sun might be enough.  Anyhow, I wanted to blog.

Final photo taken I went in for my shower.

I put down some new weed barrier on that right row.  Barrier, weeds, barrier!  Show some respect!  I barrier my paths because the weeds are under control in my rows.

My Weed Warrior battle was done for the day and I was pretty satisfied that the score was now, Woehema, 1, weeds, 0.

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