Sunday, June 7, 2015

When I was taking my Master Gardening classes I met the most interesting lady whose name is Marcy.  It seems as though Marcy has alpacas on her farm and was offering anyone pakka poo.  (Manure, for those who aren’t familiar.)  I went down in early spring and got a 5 gallon bucket full and found it to be quite impressive manure.

I scatter the poo in my garden, onto my free standing compost pile and into my compost tumbler.  It is true what they say about pakka poo.  It can be put directly onto the plants and not burn them.  The pooh in the tumbler is keeping the compost consistent because of its little orb shape.  Sometimes cow or horse patties make the compost clumpy.

I made manure tea for my little planties.  I put some manure balls into an old panty hose leg and tied it into one of my watering cans.  I filled it with rain water from my rain barrel and let it set overnight.  The next day I dose my little planties with the manure tea.  My garden is looking pretty good.

And so I am talking to girlfriend, Nancy, and she wants to get some pakka poo for her garden.  She came over yesterday around 11 and we visited and caught up for a little while and then proceeded to Marcy’s farm near German Valley.  I hadn’t seen Nancy for a while and we talked and laughed on the way.  It is so good to see a friend and be right there as if you’d never been apart.  She once lived right across the street from me and we were together every day.  I miss her.

We got to Marcy’s and rang the doorbell but no one answered.   We saw a tractor in the distant field and waved to him but as we were walking toward him we saw Marcy in the lot next door.  We walked over to the lot and discovered that Marcy and her hubby had just transferred the alpacas to a new pasture.  It was knee deep and more of lovely weeds, dandelions and thistles.  The alpacas were in their garden of “eat in”.

Nancy has a huge sign at her garden at home which says, Garden of Eat In.

Marcy introduced us to the pack of alpacas (I looked up to see what a group were called and one humorously called them a “spittoon”.)  They are actually a herd.  The oldest lady is the leader of the pack.  And then her daughter and then her granddaughter and so forth from eldest to youngest.  The youngest was a little boy alpaca and was dark brown/black.  He was so cute.  They have the cutest little faces.

Nancy and I loaded up our bucket with pakka poo.  We chatted with Marcy who is just a soul.  Marcy showed us around her yard and gardens and we discovered she had used the pakka poo everywhere.  My shrubs are gonna love me.

Off we went to head back home.  But on the way we saw a nice little junk store in Rock City and had to stop.  This shop is in a barn and they have so many memories in there.  Old quilts, dishes, farm implements, and just anything old you can think of.

Next we stopped at Megz Country Store in Davis and Nancy got some bleu cheese and aged swiss.  If you haven’t tried the cheese store, you really should.  To heck with Kraft and those other brands in the store.  Buy local!  And that includes cheese.

We headed back to old Lake Summerset and I wanted Nancy to see Rachel’s Garden.  Rachel is a marvelous gardener and creates these arch structures out of dead tree limbs.  Her garden is truly a treat.  Nancy lives on property that has a LOT of dead trees and forest all around.  She is determined to build one of these structures.  She even gave me the idea of building a tiny one for my fairy garden.

Next stop, Marian’s.  Marian is this unique Polelander (Polack) friend of ours.  He had invited us to stop by for a beer.  We stopped by and Nancy had two, I had one.  We visited with some old friends and new ones too.  The sun was getting really hot and Nancy’s face was burning.  (She is truly a white girl.)

We got to my house and unloaded the pakka poo.  We had such a wonderful time together.  It don’t take much for simple folks.

The hubster and I were invited to Nancy’s for a bonfire and cookout.  We arrived and Nancy’s hubster, Mike, had built a huge fire teepee.  We laughed and talked and caught up with each other.  We watched the chickens and the duck, Aflack, waddle around the yard and Nancy gave me a tour of her yard.  I told her about that wonderful ap you can get for your smart phone that identifies plants for you.  (I want one so bad!!!)

We ended the night with a campfire and solar lights all around the yard.  They had steaks on the grill and I had brought a big ass salad and stuffed spinach leaves that I had leftover the night before.  (My spinach leaves are bigger than my hand.)

It was good to get out and enjoy the night with friends, a fire and good food.

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