Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Pantry from Hades

Today’s retirement adventure was cleaning the pantry.  I have always wanted a large pantry and when we built our house 30 years ago I got my pantry.  It seems to have a soul and accumulates stuff that I didn’t believe I had.

I cleaned out canning jars of food that had no date on them.  There was such icky stuff that I almost puked.  The jar of pickled beets that I am sure were from my mom’s pantry were black.  I’m sure they were filled with botulism. Why do people give me bread and butter pickles?  I hate them.  I found grape juice that I had canned many, many years ago alongside grape jelly that I also don’t eat.  Some spaghetti sauce that looked okay but didn’t have a date went also.  The pickled corn from my sweet Aunt went down the garbage disposal also.  Boo!  I have to run the dish washer just for canning jars.

We had a tamale making party a couple of years ago and I found 3 huge bags of corn husks that I am taking to my local grocery store where this very nice Mexican lady makes tamale.  I’m sure she will use them.

I came across 3 coffee containers.  The first had a five pound bag of sugar in it which I needed.  The next had the leftover rice that I tucked into my rice container and got rid of that huge bag.  The last one was empty.  Taking up space in my pantry, no you won’t!

I found a handful of dog food which I gave the dog that was staying out of my way, bless her heart.  I also found half a milk bone which I gave her later for being good.

I uncovered my tool box so I could get into it again.  Next to it is the pencil sharpener that I had in childhood and which I still use when I can get to it.

I organized our tea which I buy through Amazon because we go through so much of it.  Next to that I found a box of 100 popcorn which I had purchased through the Boy Scouts of America because it is the BEST popcorn.  It was half empty so I put the hubster’s Earl Gray in the other side of the box.

I discovered two white globes for lamps that we do not use any longer but have two just like it in the hubster’s bathroom and we can replace if they get broken.
My old juicer went into a high corner because I don’t use it any longer.  Anyone need a juicer?

I came across a dozen or more bottles of hot sauce of various kinds that the hubster used to collect.  Why do we keep this stuff when we don’t eat it?

I am now just taking a break before I mop the floor and let it dry to put away the stuff on the floor.  Dog food bin, wok, box of paper bags just in case I need them and large bowls and baskets to gather beans and peas go on the floor also.

I am so very proud of myself.  I will take an after photo.  Not a before photo though because I am so ashamed of myself for letting it get taken over by Satan.

Now I’m sure the hubster wishes I would clean the house too!

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