Saturday, June 27, 2015

This morning I had a migraine come on during yoga.  I am relaxed and should not have migraines, you ask?  There are blinds on the windows and they let some light in through the little holes.  Bright lights bring on my migraines.  I went downstairs and got an ice cube and tried that method of lying flat on my face and putting the ice cube on the back of my neck.  The dog came in and licked the water dripping on my neck.  She is so cute sometimes.

It didn’t help the migraine but I just lay still for a while until the flashes went away.  Took three Advil and had breakfast.

I worked at the Children’s Garden for an hour.  We had a picnic and I took some of my pea pods from the garden to share.  I taught Allison about removing the seeds on top of the basil plants.  I taught two little ones how to dig dandelions.  We planted some onion sets too and I taught a boy and girl how to tell which end went into the soil.  We had twelve children today.

Afterwards I took a shower and ventured to Shannon, Il to a baby shower for my friends’ daughter.  I got lost and had to call them for directions. They have a beautifully restored old house in the country and it is just gorgeous.  They served quiche, muffins and fruit for brunch.  It was a lovely shower.

I got to spend some time with my friend, Barb.  We drove to German Valley and had cocktails.  It was nice catching up on all her news.  She loves her new job and is so happy.  I miss her but am glad she has a job and home that she loves.  We made plans to have dinner one Saturday evening in the near future.

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