Saturday, April 2, 2016

I had a strange thing happen to me this week.  I decided to redo a floral arrangement in the hubster’s bathroom.  It had been hanging there for thirty years and was pretty dusty and rather straggly.   I purchased some pretty material and some new silk flowers at Joanne fabrics.

I took apart the floral arrangement and ripped off the surrounding ribbon.  I got out my iron and the spray starch.  (Does anyone really use this stuff anymore?)  I measured the original ribbon and started on my cutting and gathering.   The iron was acting strangely and so I checked it out and sure enough it had a big booger on it.

I surfed the internet because I had read about ironing salt and cleaning your iron.  It doesn’t work by the way.  I brought the iron to the sink and proceeded to use the Dawn dish detergent on it.  It was still hot and the steam rose.  I backed away from it and my foot got caught in the iron cord.  Down went the iron, and I thought about catching it, and realized that it was still hot and dodged that bullet.  I looked down at my kitchen rug and there was a perfect iron shadow burn right in the middle of it.

I checked out the iron and sure enough it had come apart and being the klutz that I am I tossed it into the recycling basket.  Thank goodness that I had already gotten my ribbon gathered.

I glued on the ribbon and asked the hubster who is much more artistic than myself to help me arrange the floral display.  He hem-hawed for a while but finally picked up a couple of the pieces and cut and placed them where he thought they should go.

I got the floral arrangement back together and picked off the glue webs that had accumulated.  I hung it back on the wall and I have to say I thought it turned out pretty good.

The next day I was in Freeport for my Pilates class and went shopping for a new kitchen rug.  I found one at Shopko for $39.99.  A deal since it is washable and it was on sale from $59.99.

I decided to check out new irons.  Can you believe irons cost from $19.99 to $59.99?  I decided to go to the local Goodwill store and see if they had a used iron.  Sure enough I found a Black and Decker.  I plugged it in and it warmed right up.  Best buy for the day at $3.99.

When I got home I discovered that it had some gunk on the bottom of the thing.  Now I have to figure out how to clean an iron without destroying the thing.  But I am back in business.  Next project is a rooster pillow for my good friend who has chickens.  I will post a photo.

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