Sunday, April 3, 2016

I saw this cute little rooster pillow in an antique shop and decided I wanted to make one for friend, Nancy, who has chickens and just loves them. I got out scrap paper and scratched a drawing on a grocery receipt in my purse.

I have been working on him for about a week.  First I killed my iron and had to get another one.  You have to press out the pieces to keep them flat and to get the wrinkles out of the fabric.  I don’t usually wash fabric before I use it.  I found this adorable rooster fabric and wanted to incorporate it into the pillow.

I made the little applique rooster patch for the front of the pillow.  Those tails, beak and comb were a pain in the butt but I think it came out very cute.  The back is the rooster material.

Being pretty sure Nancy never reads my blog or looks at Facebook, I think I am pretty certain she won’t see it before her birthday in May. I can’t wait to give it to her.  I may just have to give her an early present.

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