Thursday, April 28, 2016

I travelled to Rockford yesterday to be in my newest film, Uncle Ken, written and produced by Ron Johnson whom I worked with on the film, Connections.  I played the part of a waitress.  Having waitress experience I naturally aced the part.

I did screw up a couple of times.  I moved some cups on the table when they should have stayed on the table.  You have to leave stuff alone for consistency in the scene.  I also took a photo when Ron was shooting and ruined the film with my flash.  Woops!  Thanks goodness Ron is so forgiving.

I needed some coffee and there was none around the restaurant as it was closed at the time of shooting.  I made do with a bottle of A-1 sauce which every table had a bottle of the stuff.  That must be a Rockford thing.  I mixed it with water and it passed for coffee.  I was so embarrassed when the owner of the restaurant showed up later.  I should have paid him for the bottle of A-1 I guess.

The movie is about a boy who witnesses his uncle abusing his aunt.  The restaurant scene was when the father was trying to talk to his son about the incident.

I met some lovely folks who were extras in the movie and the filming crew.  It went quite well but took some time as films always do.

I gave my card to the boom guy in case he ever needs an extra in one of his movies.  Networking is very important in being a movie star.

I have been considering writing my own movie which would star myself and friend, Garnet, who is also a movie star.  There are not a lot of calls for 60ish aged old broads.  I just have to come up with a good plot and get started on my movie.

PS  I started writing the move for Garnet and me.  Wish me luck.

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