Thursday, March 5, 2015

I made a terrible mistake last week.  I mentioned religion on Facebook.  I am probably making my second error today blogging about it.

The item that I responded to said something about praying for Christians in Egypt because their religion was killing them.  I stupidly commented that we should pray for those who think their religion is the only right one.

I was raised by fanatic Christians who condemned everyone around them.  The Baptist were sinners and were going to hell.  The Catholics were even worse and would spend eternity in purgatory.  I kept wondering who had died and made them God.  I respected them and their religion but I kept thinking that maybe the Baptist and Catholics were plenty happy in their religion.

I was lucky that my fanatic Christian parents did not force their religion on me but allowed me to make my own decision.  Well I decided to burn in their hell.  I tried out many religions.  I went to Catholic mass, took Eastern Religion in college and listened to many friends and acquaintances speak their minds about their religious beliefs.

One of the things that happened with the hubster was one of the reasons I was drawn to him.  When I asked him about his religious beliefs, he told me he was baptized a Lutheran but that “his beliefs transcend most organized religions.”  That just blew me away.  This thought felt so warm within me.

My first yoga class was when I was about 22.  I was taking some business classes because I thought it might help me to get a better job.  Along with the classes I decided to try yoga.  I enjoyed the many postures but what really kicked my ass were the meditations.  I have been hyperactive most of my life and the thrill I get when I “learn to be still” (Thank you Eagles for this expression) is so ecstatic to me.

I realized I had found part of my spirituality.  I unfortunately did not continue to practice it much until later in life.

I feel that religion is kind of like an outfit.  You try it on and if it doesn’t feel right well don’t condemn your neighbor if they buy it and wear it proudly.  Not everyone looks good in that outfit.  And so I went out and found my proper outfit.  I am a Pantheist.  I don’t go out of my way to announce the fact.  But the first time I read about Pantheism I knew that was my religion.  The outfit looked pretty good on me.

I have much respect for life in general.  If I start a bunch of seeds it is hard for me to thin them and keep the strongest.  I have these stupid cherry tomatoes that keep coming up in my garden and it is so hard for me to pull them by the hands full and pitch them into the compost.  Last year I had this unknown squash thing come up and it was decorative gourds.  They drew every squash bug in the vicinity and really pissed me off.

I do kill houseflies.  They are dirty and nasty and I won’t tolerate them in my home.  I also don’t care for mosquitos or snakes.  If I find large insects in the house I do try to move them outside without hurting them.  I am growing an unnatural hatred of Japanese beetles.  They are invading my red raspberries and I am getting fed up with them.

Back to the religion subject – I don’t understand the Muslim thing with killing all infidels but I think not all Muslims believe in this.  I really should look further into this.

I personally believe if you want to worship dog turds, you have every right to do so.  If it isn’t affecting my outfit then go for it.

I found it extremely funny when Addi told me that Jess had told all of their friends that I was a Buddhist.  I do have a couple of Buddhas in my home but I just really like the dude.  I like Jesus too.  I think what he preached was pretty cool.  However, I do not believe in evangelism.  Don’t criticize my outfit and I won’t try to convince you to get one just like it.

One of the most influencing things I have ever heard that reflected my beliefs was in the song  Windup by Jethro Tull on the Aqualung album.  They sang “he’s not the kind you have to wind up on Sunday.”  Thank you Ian Anderson.  I usually spend most of my Sundays in the garden when I can.  It is there that I find most of my religion.  And now retired, sitting Zazen.  Learning to be still…

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