Sunday, March 29, 2015

Last night’s retirement adventure came when I decided to go to the local bar and see one of my friend’s band play.  I had missed their last performance and decided I would go this time.  I am so glad that I did.

I don’t usually stay up late but took it easy yesterday and even rested my eyes for a half hour or so.  I arranged to sit with a couple of friends so I didn’t look like a sore thumb.

Evidently, my Zumba exercise is paying off as I danced almost every song.  I even got asked by a gentlemen to dance.  He said to me, “do you swing?”  Well, I tell you, I was taken aback.  My first thought was that he wanted me, and then he took hold of my hand and told me to just dance.  And so we did.  He was a fabulous dancer and leader.  I swirled and twirled, and he even dipped me once.  I danced three dances with him.

I ran into so many of my friends and had such a very good time.

The band was excellent as usual.  They play everything from rock to country to the oldies and the new pop stuff that I don’t recognize.  They are Prime Time Live and if you get the chance to see them play, do so.  And dance!

That handsome dude on the left hand side is Mike Kelly, friend and confidante.

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