Thursday, March 12, 2015

My most recent retirement adventure, of which I could do without, is that I applied for a job.  I saw an ad in the Rock River Times and it was for a personal assistant. It paid three hundred dollars a week and part time.  Just what I am looking for!

I emailed the address listed and said I was interested in applying for the job.  The person got back with me and asked for some information or a resume.  I haven’t had a resume in 14 years and so I told him I had been a secretary for many, many years and was highly organized.  The person wrote back that they were a realtor and wanted a person to go and inspect homes for sale and write up a report.  They attached a copy of a form that I would be using.

I replied that I was interested in applying and asked where were they located and when did they want me to begin the job.

The reply was that they were sending me a check to cover expenses of things that they wanted me to purchase to do this job.  I replied that I was surprised that they didn’t want to interview me in person.

At the mention of sending me a check, I wanted nothing more to do with this part time job.  Sure enough the check arrived and it was for over $1800.00.  I immediately put it into a ziplock and decided to take it to the cops.

I ran into the Durand cop while getting gas and he told me that I should take it to the state police and they would investigate.  Yesterday, I did just that.  I took a copy of the email I had received, the ad copy and the envelope containing the check.  I feel so relieved.

The police took my statement and said an investigator would probably be calling me to get more details of the event.  And so I am hanging on.  I am paranoid that someone might be trying to steal my identity.  I have informed my bank about this incident and they are aware to be on the “look out”.

I did not need this retirement adventure.  Please make it go away!!!

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