Sunday, July 26, 2015


I have a new breakfast addiction.  It is tamales.  The lady at the local grocery store makes them fresh and I cannot resist.  A little cheddar cheese, some sour cream and hot Pace and I am in breakfast heaven.

I admit that I go through stages of breakfast eating.  When I awake in the morning my first thought is “what do I want to eat?”  On occasion, I blow off the thought and do my yoga/Pilates/Qi Gong instead.  But lately, those tamales are calling me from the fridge.
I have tried the chicken, pork, beef and cheese with jalapeno.  I really want some veggie ones but she said she never makes them.  I might have to make some myself.

Several years ago we had a tamale party and us girlfriends made a shitload of tamales.  We divided them up and everyone got to take a bunch home.  I find that they are just the right amount of food in the morning to keep me feeling filled.  I have a hearty appetite and can eat a LOT.

When I was a child, my mother was so proud of me.  My sister and brother would not get up early in the morning.  They waited until the last minute to hurry and get ready and make the school bus.  Not me.  Mother would say quietly through my door, “Breakfast is ready.”  I was up in a flash.  She spoiled me with gravy and biscuits.  (Have you notice here in the North that people always correct you and repeat, “biscuits and gravy?”)  I’ve always said the opposite.

I have just completed my round of being addicted to grapefruit in the morning.  The last batch I had was kind of dry and mealy.  I’m into oranges right now but the ones I purchased last have more pith than meat and I’m not really happy with them.  I have one anyway because I need my fruit in the morning.

Years ago I got into the habit of eating a bagel for breakfast.  I like mine with smoked turkey, yellow mustard and jalapenos.  Warmed!  It was a little too much carb for me but I’d still eat one!

One summer several years ago I decided I would try to eat my cereal for breakfast.  Breakfast is just not breakfast without something warm and I have never like cereal.  I got Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat and Cornflakes.  I would do Raisin Bran one morning, shredded wheat the next, cornflakes the next (with banana) and oatmeal the next.  I really didn’t notice any difference in my health or BMs.  (TMI)  And I really missed my warm food for breakfast.

Years ago we went to breakfast every Sunday morning at the Sand Burr Restaurant in Brodhead, Wisconsin.  Fabulous breakfast and reasonable prices.  My favorite was Gravy and Biscuits, Roesti potatoes and a sausage patty.  Our friends, the Webbs, and the van Ests would join us.  Sometime the girls went with us and sometimes our friends’ son joined us.  Addi called it our church.  We would discuss all kinds of things and offer stories from our lives to share.  It was great!  The only thing better than breakfast, is breakfast with those you love.

(I know you are saying, “back up Smother.  What are Roesti potatoes?”)  Well Roesti potatoes are hash browns with onions that are fried crispy and topped with melted Swiss cheese.  They are so good.  And a meal in themselves.

My buddy, Jeff, would always share his Roesti potatoes with me and I would share my gravy and biscuits with him.  A family style breakfast.

I may just have to go to the Sand Burr soon and get breakfast.  My mouth is watering.

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  1. Ok, now my stomach is howling with rampant desire: I want to go to the Sand Burr with you!
    But as a fellow member of the Church of Breakfast, I must ask what on earth you are doing eating citrus out of season?! Your taste buds are doomed to disappointment! Besides, there are so many scrumptious summer fruits at their peak right now: blue berries, black berries (sweeter than normal this year from all the rain), peaches, melons, plums, local grapes...! Why suffer through sub-par citrus fruits shipped in from Texas (at best) when you've got these priceless treasures ripe in your neighborhood?!