Saturday, July 25, 2015

Today I worked at the Children’s Garden at Lake Summerset.  It is every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00.  Master Gardener, Jackie Wiggins is the leader and I assist her.

Today we learned about dirt.  The children were given three buckets of different soils.  One was heavy clay, one regular dirt and the other potting soil.  They were instructed to make a worm out of the dirt.  Of course, the clay dirt worked the best and we discussed which dirt would be best to grow plants in.  We settled on a combination of soils for our garden plants.

We next played with clay and the kids made the most wonderful things.  One looked like Cookie Monster, one Garfield.  One dad constructed a dragon for his 3 year old son.  One mom used the examples on the package to do a flower, dog and other little animals.  Another mom helped her three year old make a lady bug and a duck on a pond.  I’m not sure how it related to gardening but the kids had a very good time.

This is Angel with his Garfield.  (Dad helped.)

I made a pretzel (sorry I am artistically challenged) which one girl decided to destroy. Jealousy kicked in for a six year old.

Next week I have to skip the meeting as I am going to be in another movie.  The movie is being shot in Harvard, IL and is about a little girl who wants to grow up to be a ballerina.  It is being shot from the knees down.  I have to take three outfits and different shoes to be in the movie.  It should be very interesting.

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  1. Dang, girl, you're turning into a regular Starlet!