Sunday, July 12, 2015

Well I have been negligent in writing every day for the past while.  It is because I have been incredibly busy being lazy.  In between all my silly responsibilities I find I run to my computer to do a puzzle or surf the internet or, silly me, just screw off.

I picked a pint of raspberries every day for about a week.  And then the next day I picked five and the next day another five.  It backed off the next day for I discovered my girlfriend, Naomi, in my patch picking berries.  Bless her heart.  I had taken her a jar of the raspberry jam that I had made on Wednesday and told her she was welcome to pick any time.  I was weeding and watering at the Children’s Garden and she picked my berries.

The mosquitoes didn’t seem to like Naomi as well as they like my fat ass.  She is so skinny that there isn’t much to gnaw on.

I did blow off Zumba on Wednesday.  It was 58 degrees, for Pete’s sake, (who is Pete and why is his sake so important?) and I decided it was a perfect day for canning.  I had saved up my berries in the fridge.  I had made raspberry sauce and saved the seeds to soak for juice.

The hubster had gone to work because of a hot project and I turned on my rock concert, as he calls it, and danced and made 10 jars of jelly and seven jars of jam.  I have already given away 3 jars of the jam and need to mail one or two to Arizona and one to New Hampshire in this next week.

I do on occasion indulge in my abundance.  Just the other day I have shortcake with raspberries, raspberry sauce and ice cream for breakfast.  I’m retired.  I can f…ing do what I want to do.

Aside from the garden weeding and raspberry picking and preserving, I have been trying to memorize the script for the movie.  I still am just so star struck by myself.  I stopped at the local nursing home to see if I could visit a person who had had a stroke.  I’m still not quite sure of how to act this out.

The cast and director met on Saturday to go through the script.  I have some major challenges as I have to try to get out of a bed while incapacitated.  When you see the movie, try to envision my idiocy in this endeavor.  Chicken whiplash comes to mind.  (Don’t ask.  It was cruel.)

Last night I decided to indulge myself again.  I went to the bar across the street to see Naomi’s band perform.  They are Decades and they are so good.  Well, she is so good.  And they are a very good band.  They know a lot of old songs that I like and I like hearing her sing them.  I really wanted to dance but I didn’t have anyone close to grab and go boogie with.  I finally just went out and joined a bunch of people dancing and to heck with a partner.  It was fun.

I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in many years.  Jean Ann is one of those old souls in the world.  She is like a magnet and draws people to her.  I saw two people physically cry when they hugged her.  To love and be loved is the greatest joy on Earth.  Isn’t it true?

 Had to take a break just now to talk to friend, Garnet, who wanted an update on the movie star adventure.  Garnet and I are both penny pinchers and we pick up any money on the ground.  A week ago I went thrift shopping with friend, Lauri, and when we got to this one shop, on the ground under her car were a ton of pennies.  Knowing me, she pointed the pennies out.  Of course, I picked them up.  Not the ones under the car because I could not bring myself to stoop that low for a couple of pennies.  And so while I was talking with Garnet I was washing my found pennies.  I forgot to tell her about them.  She will be so jealous.

The pennies had big boogers on them and were stuck together and gross.  I couldn’t put them in my penny bank like that and so I got out my little scrubber and washed pennies.  I came across a 2015 penny the other day.  I thought they were going to stop making them?  What’s with that?

Today I am washing my hummingbird feeders and refilling them.  They were full of earwigs.  I hate earwigs.  They are so gross.  And so I’m not grossed out enough there is a white spider in the sink also.  I had a moment of thinking to take it outside and set it free but no I washed it down the insinkarater with the stupid earwigs.  I have to go out and fight the Japanese beetle battle next.

I need to set aside my time for blogging each day.  Every day is a new adventure.


  1. Ok, you can finally clear this up for me: what is the difference between jelly and jam? I could just ask the internet, but I trust you more.

  2. Jelly is made from the juice of the fruit whereas jam is made from the crushed berries. Now as far as compote or any of the other yummy things to put on your toast, I am not sure of the difference.