Friday, July 31, 2015

Today I have a confession to make.  I see pictures in textures.  In my carpet I will see animal faces or people faces.  In my wood floor I see the word “Sissy”.  If I could only draw or paint what I see but when I look away and turn back, it is different.  I have tried to outline the shape so I can go get a pencil and paper but that doesn’t work. Does anyone else share this very strange characteristic?

When I was a child my dad painted our bathroom anew.  It was God awful ugly.  It matched the bathtub surround tile.  It was black, white and bright bubble gum pink.  It was so ugly.  Well my mother exclaimed one day that she saw Jesus in the newly painted wall.  She ushered each of us in to take a look and see if we could see Jesus too.  I’m so embarrassed to admit that I thought I saw a picture of a man’s face where she pointed.

Everyone proclaimed we had found Jesus in our bathroom.  It’s strange that my mother had such an aversion to cleaning the bathroom.  She was in there with Jesus, what more could you want?  But my mother did have this thing about cleaning the bathroom.  She wouldn’t let me in the kitchen to do anything.  If I helped to dry dishes I would invariably drop one and break it.  She couldn’t bear to lose any more of her precious dishes.

So I would offer to clean the bathroom.  I actually like cleaning bathrooms because when you are done they look like they have been cleaned.  I love the shiny sink and tub and the mirror without floss specks.

So I have diverted enough already.  I wish I had artistic talent so badly.  If I could only copy just one of those pictures that I see in the textures.  I saw one recently that I swear could be a work of art.  Just the look on the man’s face, the softness of his brows, the shape of his mouth.  I may just have to find myself an art class and take it.

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