Saturday, July 18, 2015

My latest adventure was with friend, Garnet.  We decided to go to the beach and do the floatie thing.  We have these blow up float what we lounge on and drink beer and share stories of our lives.  It is so relaxing and with it being around 90 yesterday it was the perfect setting.

We scouted around for a place, sans little screaming children.  The south side of the beach was pretty clear except for three large women who were doing the lawn chair in the lake thing.  Which is fun too but I really like my floatie.

Garnet has this wonderful pump that works by electricity to blow up her brand new floatie thing that she got at Farm and Fleet last year at the end of the season.  It was on sale!  We walked up to the beach house and plugged in and it did not start.  I pressed the reset button the outlet and it started right up.  Whoo and yeah me!  She finished blowing up my floatie since my breath had not filled it completely.  Then she blew up hers.

We were off to floatie.  I had to dive into the lake first because I cannot just go in gently.  I grabbed my floatie and my beer and gently hopped into my floatie.  In I went and oh my, did it feel wonderful.  Garnet had to get a beer first and came out to let me hold her beer while she attempted to get onto her floatie.

I say attempted because it took her a good five minutes to figure out how to get on the floatie.  She first tried the hop backwards method and almost took me in with her.  I was trying to stabilize her floatie with mine.  Next she tried the straddle method and we just about lost it laughing.

I suggested going to the end and belly flopping onto it but she rejected that idea.  There was a little hole section at the bottom and she thought she would try getting into that but that didn’t work either.    She tried one more hop backwards and turned herself over and into the lake.

Finally, I told her to go to the shore, get on the floatie and paddle out to me which she did.  When she got to the rope and buoys I suggested going under the rope and she got tangled in the head rest and off she flopped again.  We were so entertaining I’m sure everyone at the beach loved us.

Back she went to the beach and got onto the floatie and came out to the rope.  I lifted the rope and she lifted her end and she made it into the swim area.  Small victories are some of the best.  I got her beer to her and we floated around and talked and laughed.  She floated out of the swim area which is not allowed at our beach.

In her struggle to get back in the swim area she found herself back in the shallow water and now had to attack the rope and buoys again.  I suggested we go to the other end of the beach and float down to where we were now.

I suddenly heard thunder and pointed to the north at the huge clouds that were accumulating.  I prayed it would blow over us.  In about three minutes of thunder the lifeguard blew her whistle and announced a short 15 minute break for the thunder.
I had to pee anyhow so I went up to the beach house.  Coming out I felt the drops of rain begin to fall.  Oh no, our floatie thing was going to be ruined.

When I got down to the beach Garnet was already packing stuff up.  It was raining pretty good by then.  We rinsed our floaties and beach chairs off and took them to the grass.  Garnet moved her truck down to the parking lot and we loaded up.  Time check and we had had one and a half hours of floatie time.  Most of it spent with Garnet trying to get on her float.

We were still laughing when we got home and unpacked.  Another fun adventure with one of my favorite people in the world.

Next adventure…we are going downtown Rockford to the Kryptonite disco (or whatever they call dance places these days) to be in a movie as extras.  We might just have to enjoy a refreshing beverage while we are there.

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