Saturday, August 1, 2015

The crew.
Today friend, Garnet, and I drove to Harvard, IL to be in movie.  The movie is about a little girl who wants to become a ballerina.  The movie is shot from the knees down.  It was a scream.

I got my hair cut at Jagg for Hair in Pecatonica at 7:30 in the morning and hurried poor Mark up to get out of there as soon as possible.  Mark likes to talk--a lot.  I ventured to Garnet’s house and we had 30 minutes to get to Harvard which is an hour from my house and about 45 from hers.

We drove through about ten little bitty villages and got to the school in Harvard at about 9:15.  It didn’t matter that we were late as they had to go back across town because they had forgotten something.

Of course, after driving that long my coffee was crying to get out of me but we started the shoot right away.  We got outside to do the shoot and the little girl, Sophie, was in the wrong costume and had to go redress.  I waited outside needing to pee badly.

Me. Sophie and Cathleen, another extra.

Sophie got changed and we practiced while she was dressing so we would know what to do.  Rose, the director, chose me to power walk past the little girl.  I had my old high heeled sandals and had forgotten the reason I don’t wear them much is because they make a blister on my middle toe. Why she didn’t choose Cathleen to power walk since she was in tennis shoes is beyond me.

We did about ten or twelve takes on the shoot.  When they were satisfied with the film that they had shot we went back inside.  I finally made it to the restroom.  Relief!

The next shot was with the little girl and her back pack which I guess she dragged because you don’t see her back.  We stayed inside and I ate a bagel and Garnet had a banana.  We talked with some of the other extras and there were some very interesting folks.

The next shot Garnet was chose to be an extra and I got my camera to take some photos.  They didn’t take as many takes as they had with my group.  When they were done they told us they were finished with the extras.

We continued back to Rockford and stopped at a little shop in a small town I didn’t remember going through.  It turned out we were going the wrong way.  I thanked the lady at the register for directions.  Back we went through Harvard.

Garnet and I decided to go have a beer.  Hey its 11:00 but we are retired.  We had passed a little bar that I thought I had stopped with Suzie once but it turned out to be an entirely different place.  It was in Poplar Grove and is a very nice bar with a big stage where the bartender said they had live music during the colder months.  We decided to forego their menu and just had a beer.

We got to Rockford and decided to eat at Chili’s but noticed a Panera Bread next to it and went there instead.  I had a lovely Greek salad and Garnet got a grilled cheese and broccoli soup.

We noticed that Pier One is going out of business and decided to go take a look.  I wanted about a hundred things but got only some of that oil you put into the little pots with sticks sticking out of them.  It is wonderful – citrus cilantro.  Very nice.  It is smelling my house up now as I type.

We then ventured to the new Meyer store and I will never go there again.  It is huge, and I had to walk forever to find the six items on my list.  Then it took forever to check out.  I did find some pita bread which I am going to use to make myself a Fattoush salad.  If you haven’t had one they are fabulous.  If you like cucumber, lemon, feta cheese and garlic it is a must in the summer.

So when the movie is made I will post a connection for it.  Rose said they are entering it into a contest and can’t release a proper copy of it.  Will let you all know so you can admire my speed walking knees and feet.

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