Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Days like this…

I have had mounting frustration in the past couple of weeks.  It all started with the stupid tomatoes dying.  I learned a lesson.  Next year I am moving the tomatoes to a different location and putting down that red plastic film under them.  Perhaps that will solve my problem.

Next my computer started acting up.  It just shuts itself off right in the middle of my most important work.  (Puzzles and Facebook?  No my writing.)  The hubster took it out and cleaned it thoroughly for me but I was still having the problem.  Last week he went on line and purchased me a brand spanking new baby.  He put the hard drive from my old computer into the new one.  The new one was very HOT.

Now my computer isn’t recognizing the internet in our house and he can’t seem to figure out the problem.  At lease I can type on the word processor.

The other frustrations in my life are my houseplants aren’t doing well either.  I piddled with them this morning since I couldn’t compute.  I put a little alcohol into my mister bottle and spritzed them with it.  I also made up a batch of fertilizer and gave them a dose.

And those Japanese beetles are my worst enemy still.  I’m going out later to drown some of them.

I am also heart sickened at the insanity going on in the world.  Religion vs religion, black vs white, social injustice, and Obama bashing.  It is all just inane!  We are all human beings here on this planet we call Earth and we should just realize that we are all in this together.
And even worse is that my dog is getting old and cannot walk as far as we used to.  I hate watching her get old.  She sleeps so much these days.  Someday maybe I will be able to nap also.

I was out in the garden while the hubster was working on my computer fiasco and I was doing what best gets my frustration out of me.  I was pulling weeds.  I stomped on some beetles that came nearby.  I was thinking I should just go have a good cry and get this out of my system.

I have been singing the same song all morning.  Days Like This by my beloved group, Over the Rhine.  The lyrics go “Days like this, have you ever seen a sky such a clear blue?  All I wanna do is live my life honestly.  I just want to wake up and see your face next to me.  Every regret I have I will go set it free.  And that would be good for me.”

Over and over, I sang those lyrics.  I looked up from my weeds and there was a monarch butterfly right above me.  Isn’t that so special?  Life is good!  Sometimes, we need a little reminder.


  1. Regarding insanity in the world: are you going to read "Go Set A Watchman?" I would love to hear your thoughts. I'll loan you my copy if you like, I'll send it with the chocolate zucchini muffins later this week! :-)

  2. I would love to read the book. And I'd love to try your chocolate zucchini muffins. Have you read the book yet? I rented the movie To Kill a couple of weeks ago to remind myself of the book. I should really get a copy of that book also.