Friday, August 14, 2015

Today Garnet and I went kayaking on Lake Summerset.  We set off at about 7:30 and left from Southgate Marina.  It is in the center of the lake.  We headed to the west end because I had told the hubster if he saw us going by to take a picture.  Of course, he worked instead of watching for us to go by and I had to get the picture when we got back.

As usual we had such a good time chatting and exchanging comments about the beautiful lake and houses and plants and stuff we saw.  One house had a slide into the lake and we threatened to get out and try it out.

We saw only one boat while we were out and two more fishing at the dam when coming back.  It was so peaceful and quiet so we had it mostly to ourselves.  I realized I hadn’t been on the lake in so many years.  Things had changed a lot.  There was some construction at the west end.  These folks are stabilizing their shoreline with these magnificent boulders.  I think they were manmade and all similar in size.  I’d say about 3 feet deep and 5 feet long.  I wondered what each boulder had cost them.

We saw only one dead carp, thankfully.  We have had a virus among them this season.  As we got closer to the west end it got quite weedy.  It is much shallower at that end of the lake.  We did make it to the end where they have a little plastic dam which doesn’t allow you to go any farther.  It was nasty water and we oared our little butts off to get out of that mess quickly.

Garnet told me she had gotten a new floatie like mine for when we go do that floatie thing again.  She was so funny that day trying to climb on her floatie.  We reminisced about that fun day.

I told her all about the Dubuque trip the day before and we plan to go together in the near future.  I know she will love it as much as I did.

We spotted some of those one dimensional cut out things.  I thought the dog was alive from afar but when we got closer we realized that it was not real.  They had another one down by their dock.  Garnet thought they really should be gotten rid of.  I couldn’t agree more.  There is a time and place for such things.  One of the stupid dog cut outs was on a pole and it began turning in the wind making it even more ridiculous.

There was a great tree trunk on one lawn.  They had dug it out of the ground and turned it upside-down.  It was so unique and we both loved it.

We did discuss our emergency plan in case one of us turned over.  Garnet is so well prepared.  She has a rope in her kayak and explained if I turned over to first save the kayak because they fill up quite fast.  So she said she would throw me the rope and I was to tie up the kayak and then she could try to save me.  What a friend!

We didn’t have any instances for possibility of turning over but I began squirming at the end because my tail bone was getting sore.  I had taken a beach towel to cushion my butt but it wasn’t enough.  I must make a sit upon for kayaking.  I will definitely pad that puppy well.
Garnet did take one of my aloe cuttings with her and I picked some cucumbers and a tomato as hers are not quite ripe yet.  I don’t share tomatoes often but I know she is eating vegetarian and needed it.

The hubster came out of his cave and took a photo of us with the kayaks which I appreciated.

Another wonderful day of my retirement with one of my favorite people in the world.  Life is good!

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