Sunday, August 9, 2015

Children’s Garden

Yesterday was my last Children’s Garden meeting.  It went too fast this year.  We got started late and didn’t plant until the last week in May.  She got plants donated this year and we had so many that she had the kids plant too closely.  The garden is a jungle right now.

I had to miss two meetings because of being a movie star and all…  There were about 12 children at the most.  Some missed on and off.  They were a very nice group of children.
Our last meeting was our Harvest party.  Of course, our garden wasn’t to be harvested because we got it in so late.  The leader came and got some basil to use to make her dish to pass.  She made the cutest ladybugs out of tomatoes and olives.

We leaders got there early to set up but neither of us can pick up and move picnic tables so we waited for another arrival.  We moved our tables and covered them with tablecloths.  I had picked Black-eyed Susans for the table.

The kids started arriving and we had our little harvest party.  I had brought cucumber sandwiches, which I love.  I always think of my friend, Kim, who introduced the cucumber sandwich to me.  Kim died of cancer at age 39.  She is every woman’s dream of being 39 forever.

We had breakfast buns, fresh fruit, vegetable tray and lemon jello.  I ate the lemon slice on the top of the jello and the little girl who brought it thought me quite gross.  I love lemons!  I really hate jello but ate it because she brought it.  The lemon piece made it worthwhile.

And so another adventure comes to an end for me.  I am not doing the Children’s Garden next year.  The reason being that I am much too busy to allot Saturday mornings in the summer to something besides another adventure in retirement.  And it was a little too much work for me.

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