Friday, August 21, 2015

I just love a mystery and I’ve got a good one.  I’ve been taking Zumba and Pilates classes in Freeport for the last month or so.  Love both but my elbow is killing me.

On the drive to Freeport I travel route 75 and route 20.  There are these little signs with numbers on them and they are not in consistent order.  They are like, 2001, 2020, 1102, 1124, 1052, 1123 and many others.  I have asked many people what they are and no one seems to know.

The hubster is a major internet surfer and can find most anything he is looking for but he has not come up with an answer.  I suggested contacting IDOT and asking them what they are.  He emailed them a few days ago and has not heard back from them.

I stopped the other day and took a photo of one of the signs.  Anyone out there that can answer the question as to what these signs are?

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  1. Are they near drainage ditches? I've wondered the same thing and guessed they were identification numbers for whenever landscaping or maintenance crews needed to work there.