Monday, February 8, 2016

Never forget.

I was reading on FB about a lady that had predicted the September 11 events.  And other predictions that she made before her death.  It was pretty scary.

I wanted to share a dream I had the week before the bombing of the twin towers.

September 8, 2001

I had a most disturbing dream.  I dreamed I was at a party and Kim Clark and I wandered outside.  There was a beautiful garden and I noticed that there were fish swimming in the air around the garden bed and I thought what a beautiful thing to be in a garden.  I hear airplanes overhead and I looked up.  Airplanes were crossing over the sky and crashing.  They just kept on and on until there was a pile of wreckage.

Kim decided to go back to the party and I told her not to go.  I was afraid.  I looked up and there was a skyscraper and I screamed, “it is going to fall.  The building is going to fall.”  I rushed inside to warn my friends.

When I awoke I told Rick of my dream.

This happened the Saturday before September 11.  When I called Rick that day he said to me, “nice dream!”

The photo is my friend Kim Clark who died at age 39 from cancer.  I miss her so much.

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  1. I've had dreams that proved to be eerily accurate more than once, almost all linked to a disaster in someone's life. Because they are related to specific individuals, I won't describe them here. The problem is a) knowing they mean something, and aren't just random neurons firing, and then b) knowing what to do about it.
    About six years ago, I had a very clear dream that I did not follow up on as much as I should have, because I felt stupid going to this person and saying, "Hey, I had this dream...." But considering what happened afterwards, I wish I had done more. So now I try hard to act on these, no matter how stupid I feel. I figure, feeling stupid now is nothing compared to feeling regret later.