Thursday, March 17, 2016

Yesterday I completed my winter project.  I covered all of my potholders with new material.  I learned some quilting techniques over the fall and applied them to my potholders.  I would dearly love to make a beautiful quilt but I’m afraid I don’t have the patience to do so.

I have sewn together two quilts for each of my daughters.  The first one was a memory quilt from scraps I gathered during the years from their pjs, favorite old shirts, grandma and grandpa discarded shirts and other materials.  I really enjoyed making them and when I finished them I wrote the girls a story about the pieces in the quilt, where they came from and what it meant.  I gave them to the girls when they graduated college.

Then I made them each a pretty quilt just because I wanted to make my daughters a quilt.  My mom gave me a quilt and I cherish it to this day.  Two of my favorite aunts have also given me quilts over the years and they are very special to me.

I had been working on this project for several months.  I kept putting it off.  First the sewing machine was acting up and I took it to the repair and it was there for a week.  I then caught some kind of mucus death thing and am still coughing up phlegm.  Next Jessie dog was sick and I didn’t do much of anything but hold her, feed her, take her outside and worry about her.

Last week I decided it was time to get my act together and straighten up.  I began exercising again.  I even took a couple of long walks outside.  Then I came across the sewing pile and realized that what I really needed was a sense of accomplishment.

I wanted to try a log cabin pattern that I had on one of my potholders that I had purchased at a craft show many years ago.  Talk about lessons learned.  I had to take the darn thing apart several times before I got the hang of what I was doing.

I think they came out pretty nice.  I wish I had more of that deep maroon material but I only bought a swatch and when I went back they had sold out of it.  Another lesson learned.  If you like it, get some!

Now that I look at them, they kind of look like Christmas packages.  Oh well at least they are clean.  Wanna take bets as to who burns the first one?

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