Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jessie’s Lament      2/29/16

I’m tired of lying on my bed
I want to go out and play instead
Run in the grass so green and eat a couple of blades of it
Dig for a gopher or chase a squirrel until I get tired of it.
I want to go for a long walk with Mommy
Get home and have Daddy rub my tummy
I want to chew on a bone that still has meat and gristle
I want to hear the gopher’s whistle
To be where the sun is bright
Then sleep by my pack through the long night.
I want the pain to be gone from me
And let my little mind be free
Of the persistent loss I feel inside
I’m not sure it’s time I want to die.
Mommy lays next to me and softly cries
Daddy holds it inside and slowly dies.
So scratch my butt and rub my ears
And wipe away those unwanted tears
And think about the many walks we have had
Some were good and some quite bad.
But my bed is warm and my bankie clean
Just lay down for a moment and then I mean
To get up and roar at you one more time
Scratch my ears, sing me that stupid rhyme.
“She’s Jessie the mountain cur
Best dog there ever was in the world.”
I’ll find Boris and Dot and give them your love
Think of me when you look above
To the sky and thank the great spirit for my final calm
And remember me when I was in your arms.
When you ride in the truck I’ll be with you
Next to your Daddy, and next to you.
I was the little girl you looked for when you lost your others
I was your baby and you were my mother.
The love we shared was always tender
In my heart and yours, you just have to remember.
Look very closely when you care
In your heart and soul, I’ll always be there.

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