Sunday, September 13, 2015

I had a very hectic day yesterday.  I went to the front gate to work at the Mum Sale that our garden club has every year.  I am taking over the responsibility of running the event next year and I wanted to get all the information possible about how to coordinate the event.

I worked from 7 am to 1 pm at the mum sale.  We had sold most all of the plants but still had a few mums, asters and ornamental kale left to send back to the nursery.

It was a fun time and I got to meet a lot of new folks and got to know Mary better.  She is the previous coordinator and is so very helpful.

I came home and got ready and picked up friend, Garnet, to go to a movie try out.  We found the place thanks to the hubster who we called and he got directions from the internet.  I had looked it up previously and the stupid internet gave me the wrong location.  Why does this happen to me?

We met with Gunner who we had previously met at a different movie location.  He introduced us to the movie’s writer and producer and who was starring in the role of Nicholas.  Garnet and I were trying out to be his mother.

When they asked Garnet what role she was trying out for she told them, “Nicholas.”  She is such a goofball.

The try outs went well and we were on our way.  We decided to go downtown Rockford since there was a Greek Festival going on.  We parked in a nearby parking lot and I noted that it was funeral home lot.

The walk was about five blocks so we felt we had gotten in our walk for the day.  It wasn’t too crowded (I hate crowds) and we bought our tickets and checked out the menu.  I could not wait to get my Dolmathes and Spanakopita.   Garnet got a sample platter and got pork something.  She doesn’t eat meat and so she boxed it up to take it home to her hubster.

We oohed and aahed while eating and people watched.  There were quite a few handsome dark skinned men.  Love Greek men!  We tried the Greek beer and found it so good, we got another.  The music was wonderful and I found myself swaying to the beat.

The Greek dancers started their show and we had such fun watching the little ones do their dances.  We wanted to dance too but they just kept dancing and dancing.  I told Garnet that my feet were getting tired from standing so long.  She was ready to go also.

I ran into an old acquaintance, Mr. Fulfer, who was my girls’ school bus driver when they were in school.  He hadn’t changed a bit.  I missed seeing his wife who is such a joy and fellow writer.

We bought a few more tickets and I acquired 6 baklava.  Garnet went back and got more Spanakopita.

We walked back to my truck and decided we needed to tailgate.  There were only two cars in the lot besides mine and another one parked while we sat in the back of my truck laughing and talking.  Garnet commented that wouldn’t it be funny if this was the parking lot of a funeral home.  I pointed out the sign for her and she got such a good laugh.  We took a selfie with the sign behind us.

I let Garnet off and reminded her that we had a movie shoot at the beach at the Lake tomorrow and she said she would meet me there at noon.  We are going to be movie stars again.  I had better practice my signature for all those autographs in the future.

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