Saturday, September 5, 2015

Well it is back to the beach for friend, Garnet, and me.  We had our fair share of ecstasy on Tuesday and decided we needed another hit of it.  It was not to be had at a cost.  There were so many people at the beach.  Nothing like a normal weekend day in the summer but compared to our four person beach on Tuesday there were a lot.

And they were quite entertaining I must say.  One couple had a floating cooler and took it out into the lake and huddled around it.  I never saw them open it but it provided a floating bar for them.  I must get one.

There was a very skinny girl in a minute bikini and I told Garnet that I had never worn one of those in my life and I was sorry.  She didn’t share if she had worn one or not.  We did discuss skinny dipping and she hadn’t done that.  I confessed that I had skinny dipped in a lake at night once and had done the nude beach thing in Jamaica a couple of times.  Swimming naked in the ocean is really a nice feeling.

I went and took my plunge into the lake and got settled on my floatie.  Stupid me, I flopped my beer into the holder and it foamed up and out.  Drat -- a waste of good beer.  Well as good as beer in a can can be. (Doesn’t that sound like a song?)  I prefer bottled beer but it isn’t allowed at the beach.  I know because I got a citation for $25.00 for having bottled beer on this beach.  (Another blog!)

Garnet joined me at our tie up at the rope divider.  We oohed and aahed about what a wonderful day it was to be at the beach and how lucky we are to be retired and can enjoy it.  We made some more bubbles.  (Old people!)

The days offering of a marvelous cloud structure came right behind Garnet and I had to turn her around to view it.  It was a series of “)” shaped clouds in an almost perfect formation.  Like ))))))))) .  It was so lovely.

I was fighting the seaweeds.  I hate it when they scrape my butt.  I was flinging them right and left.

I had done the absolutely stupidest thing that I have done in years that morning.  During my yoga session I realized that my eyes were really dry.  I had gotten new eye drops the day before because I realized that mine were expired.  I got up and went to the bedroom and picked up the bottle and before I realized it I had put essential oil into my right eye.  I ran to the bathroom and washed my eye.  Darn it if the medicine cabinet was too close and I could not get under well.

I ran to the kitchen where I knew I could get to the water easily.  I washed and washed my eye.  It was on fire.  I then went to my closet and found a bottle of saline solution and flushed my eye again with that.  I settled in and for the rest of the day put in my new eye drops or saline every 15 minutes.

I emailed my doctor and she said if it wasn’t better before that afternoon that I should see my eye doctor.  I let it ride.

While Garnet and I were at the beach I got out frequently to put drops in my eye.  It seems better today although still red.

I had brought cucumbers and cherry tomatoes along today and we snacked on those.  We discussed our gardens and how they were growing.  She said the brussel sprouts were wonderful.  They just boiled them and ate them plain.  I put soy sauce, hot sauce and garlic on mine.  I promised her some more brussel sprouts when I got home.

A group of folks in the lake decided it was lunch time and we decided since she said it loud enough that we must be invited.  We resisted the urge.

We whiled away our afternoon drinking our beer, sharing the veggies and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.  And on occasion, making some more bubbles.

I decided to take a picture of my eye for this blog.  It went from bad photo to worse photo and then I took this one and made myself laugh.  I look like I'm in that movie that was really dark.  They were camping and had flashlights.  It was a scary movie so I never saw it.  The Blair Witch Project.  I had to look it up.

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